One Soul at a Time 

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“If your words or actions touch one person then you did your job.” These were said to my high school graduating class of 1978. Les Fletcher of Inspiration Import  posted a picture that expressed her feelings. A FB friend told her it was ugly. I saw it here.

What I saw was turmoil.  The horrors we face daily in this world we’re living in, this shameful ugly world. Humanity is covered in a shroud of darkness. Lost and brain-dead.

It makes one wonder about the outrage over a murdered lion.  While human lives are murdered and no one pays. Murdered over . . . what land, oil, religion, power, skin color? Is it the solution? Israel, Iran nor Palestine will consider or try to make peace with each other. They rather watch their people slaughtered the young and old.  How can the American government fix the world when young black men and women are being killed by scared police and no one is being held accountable? White supremacy groups and the black panthers continue to clash over civil right. Is it to live in Peace? So why do both sides prefer to battle as oppose to a conversation that will develop a solution that will allow all of us to live in harmony?

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A few days ago a woman threw her infant out a fourth floor window. A ten-year old mugged a grandmother and committed arson. As young children try to sleep at night they hear gun shots. Their monsters are real and haunt them even in the daylight as they walk to and from school.  They have to be alert so not to be hit by stray bullets. They have to worry about insecure bullies. Our children are being robbed of their childhood. They shouldn’t have to live in fear.

Bees are dying and becoming extinct making the crops that feed us perish. But that’s okay they mass-produced meat that is manufactured and slaughtered inhumanely. Meats for consumption are filled with hormones, steroids and artificial fillers.  They can even produce artificial fruits and vegetables. The seeds are even removed for us. So what fruits we know today will be extinct tomorrow. But that’s okay because the pharmaceutical companies will make a pill to make you feel better. Not cure because that would put them out of business. But don’t worry the benefits out weight the risk. Well that is if you can afford these drugs, if not make sure your life insurance is paid up.

This world is drowning in evil. Drought and raging fires on one corner of earth while there are floods on the other side. Volcanoes are erupting and the earth is quaking. Tornadoes ripping and destroying. Will we experience a cold front or a heat wave? The planet is dying so they are searching on Mars for new real-estate. So in another thousand years give or take they will kill that planet too.

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Bears are attacking in Yellowstone Park. Lions are attacking on African safaris. Sharks are swimming inland and attacking. The animals are fighting back for the abuse humans have done to this earth. Killing trees and spilling oil. Kidnapping their brethren and locking them up in zoos to be gawked at. Who is the real beast?

If each of us that tries to shine in spite of this darkness shared a little bit of this light with one person we can start a domino effect. Remember the pyramid scheme from the eighties usually it was the one on top who won because those of us on the bottom added to the pyramid trying to make it to the top. This system might work to spread light. The winners in this challenge will be all of humanity.

I read somewhere that Kim Kardashian doesn’t smile because she doesn’t want wrinkles.  My thought was with all her money and fame she’s just an empty shell. Smiles are the nourishment that feeds  our souls.

Lets spread some light, share a kind word, smile at a stranger or help someone with their heavy packages. Say thank you when a kindness is done for you and pay it forward. Give an older person your seat. Comfort someone who is hurting. Call friends and family and let them know you care. It may not seem like much but you may touch someone and it could mean the world to them.

We hear that life is short but we don’t realize how short until our lives start to wind down.  Leave a mark for those who will write your eulogy that will be proud of.

If I reached one soul with my words today,  I did my job well. Musings of an Old Fart added and I agree “I would add we need to treat each other civilly even in disagreement. And, we need to seek ways to include, not exclude. We have too many barriers to interaction.”

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23 thoughts on “One Soul at a Time 

  1. Kim, thanks for the mention. We are aligned. I love my soul sisters and have found so many here on WordPress – these are not words I often use but when it fits, it fits!
    I couldn’t agree more with you and your take. My heart breaks daily and yet I choose to shine on, hoping that a smile or a kind word does make that difference. Thanks for the reminder of how blessed I am in my life.

  2. Civility in disagreement is what humankind needs. Hard to think of civility when so many are still in the I want what ever it is first mode. However I try very hard not to be in any rush. We’ve got a one lane bridge that I often use, and I always yield to on coming traffic. I flash my lights and stop, and hope that just one care if there are more than one alternate – not all do. And the road is 25 mph on one side and 35 mph on the other yet there are many who try and use this road as a short cut and don’t care about posted speed limits. Dealing with life is like driving a care – you have to be aware of what is around you on the road. And right of way is not something one has, but something one gives.

    I post my Instant Karma pieces at two blogs, – one (b) says I get x amount of visits but I get very little comments there – I just hope that they make a difference.

  3. Thank you for a very thoughtful post. When I read news reports of all the horrible things that happen, I like to remember the things that don’t make it to the news. Right now there’s a teenager on a bus offering his seat to an old lady; right now in a kitchen there’s a woman baking cakes for a charity event; and so on. These are the people who will help us overcome the bad things.

  4. You packed so many thoughts into this post Kim, and one of the things I grasp is the evil we’re doing to each other. We’re slowly killing the planet and ourselves, it’s not bear thinking about yet we must. Thanks for sharing this, I hope we can learn to love one another and the beautiful home we share!

  5. There is a phrase, I’m not sure where it came from that says “what you focus on increases” I see what goes on in the world. I choose to focus on the good that is being done. It’s what I want to increase. It’s what keeps me going in light of the rest. You have some beautiful images here and a very good heart. Keep shining your light.

    1. Thank you. I try not to watch or read too much news but it happens. I started this piece about touching one person with our thoughts and it snowballed into what it is. 🙂 Good advice though “What you focus on increases”.

  6. I especially like your third-to-last paragraph. I would add we need to treat each other civilly even in disagreement. And, we need to seek ways to include, not exclude. We have too many barriers to interaction. Good post.

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