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There are so many mad people. Mad because they have to get up early every day and go to work. Mad because they have to take care of their family. Mad because they just aren’t happy. They may not even know they’re mad because it has become their persona. That anger becomes the energy they feed to the universe creating a new link the chain of misery.



The reality is we all have to do what we have to do. We need food on our table and a roof over our heads. So they need to get over it, it’s the price we pay for living.



I meet so many disgruntled employees. I smile when I meet people no matter how I am feeling. I don’t care if they just stepped out of a Bentley or mopping the floor. They both deserve my respect and kindness. Most of the drivers for the disability bus I use, the clerks in the stores and the medical assistants in the doctor’s office are a few of the people who don’t put shade on their unhappiness. The common link is these people are in customer service. They are dealing with the public a smile should always be painted on their face. But so often many of them have tight lips and eyes seconds from rolling into their heads. If you ask a question or request something that robs them of their precious time you might even hear them teeth silently suck.  Usually you’re being punished for a previous customer who put them in a foul mood. Professionals know how to shake off negative vibes. Everyone is different and should be treated accordingly. However people in customer service should always maintain a pleasant personality no matter what. You know, kill them with kindness. Patience with a smile goes a long way.



When a supervisor gives an order and the employee doesn’t like it, they will make their anger known to everyone around them. When a management position becomes available they will ask for the promotion. When they are over looked they won’t understand it was because of their negative attitude. These are the same people who get off work and complain about the boss and every customer. They post it on social media for everyone to see and share. They are the same ones that have an attitude before their work day begins. Sometimes it’s because they had a disagreement with a family member which doesn’t have any business in the work place.  People have to learn how to separate their personal lives from their professional lives.  Yes if you flip burgers at McDonald’s it is your profession and you should maintain the decorum of professionalism. McDonald’s is a big corporation and you are their representatives.  You have the ability to move up in the company if they find you worthy.  Not just McDonald but any customer service job.  Most fast food and department stores are big corporations with ladders you can climb. You would never be considered if you lack professionalism.



Years ago I use to give orientation to new home health aides.  In my speech I always included, “if you are angry it’s okay but when you get to the clients house leave that baggage outside on their door step.  When you walk into the client’s home put a smile on. When your shift is over and you step outside it’s up to you whether you pick that baggage back up or not.  We all have issues to deal with we need to learn how to keep them I perspective.  A happy person is less stressful.  Joy attracts joy just as negatively attracts negatively, find your happiness and share.  The benefits of happiness are better than the ones you gain from bad attitudes.


Most people like beautiful things, delicate blooming flowers, mesmerizing sunrises, a baby’s laughter, a gentle hug and captivating sun sets. We can see beauty in the ugly and embrace it.  What we feel shines out of us. You know that saying, you get what you give in return, it’s true. There are so many people with anger, sadness and loneliness bubbling inside them. Eventually like a volcano they will explode and everyday like lava their pain will ooze out and burn everyone and anyone they come in contact with. It’s a contagious virus that needs infectious control. We attract what we radiate if it’s negatively you can bet unhappiness will be your norm.



If you don’t like your job find another one. You have choices. You can go back to school or search for another position. Maybe you don’t like or can’t handle the work.  You don’t like your boss or co-workers. That is fine but while you are there you should always do the best job you can and be pleasant doing it.



There are a lot of things we can’t control in life. But we can control how we feel and the face we share with world. Most things we live through are temporary and in time will pass. We need to remember to breathe and feel the joy that sometimes hides behind sadness. Being happy is easy especially when there is so much beauty abound. How can you not smile and feel wonders in life?


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 8/16/15

26 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. You are so right, so much depends on attitude. If we have a positive attitude to whatever we are doing, then we will put the right things into it. I have always told my children and others around me that a smile costs nothing and achieves so much. I always tried to be pleasant to parents and other relations of the children in the school I worked in, whatever I actually thought of them and I got on with everyone. Now I’m retired, I don’t need to think about attitude at work, but I always try to be pleasant to the cashiers in the supermarket and other people who do me a service and they usually respond in a positive way. This is a great piece you have written.

  2. Well said. Things don’t make us mad. People don’t make us mad. Events don’t make us mad. As you note, we choose to be mad. We give our power away far too easily. No one can offend you, if you choose not to be offended.

  3. I worked in retail for a lot of years. I always tried to have a smile and a pleasant word no matter how rude the customer. You are so right that you need to separate your personal and professional life. Well said Kim 🙂

    1. Thanks Jackie. I often took second jobs to help make ends meet. Often in fast food and department stores. I would love to make those my sole source of income. My 9 – 5 was so stressful that I enjoyed my customers. When I worked in McDonald’s my line was always long. Not because I was slow but because the regular customers wanted me to wait on them. LOL There was a customer that came through the drive through every night and ordered the same thing a quarter pounder no onions, large fries on salt and a large coke no ice. He always ordered with a snooty attitude. One night I went to the window and asked him his complete order. From that night on he smiled when he came to the window and said I’ll have my usual. It is so easy to warm people up.

        1. I had a deaf kid that came in with his deaf grandfather. I would interact with the child and have him point to what he wanted. Then I would show him the happy meal toys and let him pick out the one he wanted. I enjoyed customer service. I’m sure you were great too.

  4. Truly wonderful and so true. A great post, made my day. I realised that probably I too sometimes indulge in giving off negative vibes, and I certainly will correct it, at least try my best, and I think I should succeed. What a refreshing read! Thank you, take care, best wishes and regards. 🙂

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