Words and Trickery

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through the window of my past

rains of melancholy smiles

fill my eyes with joy

 tickling me with laughter

I shiver in sadness

as I tour the memories

of my past

on this secluded quest

seeking guidance

into my future

where strength will rule

and release me

from my mental bondage

free to strive for perfection

in a defective world

to seek light to shine

upon darkness

the strength to weigh

the balance of

positive and negative

an aura invaded me

with streams of false emotions

destroying with mountains of

words and trickery

but now

there’s a glow

in the center of existence

it’s mysterious

and unknown

ruling my thoughts

giving life to my dreams

the judge and jury

of my mental court

releasing me from this bondage

I’m going to smile away sorrow

and reward myself with a better day

give that selfish ego a beat down

and find that which I’ve searched for

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 8/19/15


13 thoughts on “Words and Trickery

  1. Expectations are often tricky to master, as ‘they’ like to master us. When I was growing up I often did not have high expectations of myself, since I was not praised. While Ego can be a regrettable task master. I thing some goals are needed in order to enjoy the rainbow – knowing that their most likely is not a pot of gold at the end has never stopped some from trying to get there. Taking care of the self can be rewarding, and hopefully brings us closer to the peace we seek.

  2. How we chew over our past, ponder the future, then with luck return the the present and resolve to follow a positive course of action. Well described and wrapped into a gentle hint of advice. 🙂

  3. Loving your new makeover…
    And your poignant words… I too would get caught within the ‘trickery’ of the past.. Now I hope I am learning to master it stays in the past.. As I embrace only the Now of my tomorrows 🙂 Lovely Poem Kim..
    Have a wonderful Wednesday

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