Stop Crying


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took me a long time
to figure it out

doesn’t make sense,

my heart heavy like cement
weighed down with hurt
a sorrow that won’t move

those memories
come sneaking out of the shadows
like a ghost in the dark
can’t change what was
maybe I see

a little different

still you get to giggling
it turns to laughter
then the tears
that don’t change a thing

reminiscing thoughts

hazy at best
facts distorted
but the feelings
they’re just as fresh
as fresh as they were yesterday

that’s when I was living real
not this hollow existence
popping pills
to keep my eyes open

for another day

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 6/04/15

12 thoughts on “Stop Crying

  1. Crying sometimes cleanses the soul. I have had some moments where all I could do is cry.
    But – yes – may our cries be more from joy & happiness than of sorrows.

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