My First True Love

My sister Stefanne



why was I mean to you
was it sibling rivalry


I told you dad left

when you were born

I don’t know why I lied

was it vengeance

for the scalding water on my back


ignoring my warnings
you got smashed

under the dresser you climbed


I told you

watch your head in that window
it fell on your hand


hiding in the bed
you held on to the covers

with your teeth

I pulled and pulled

that night under the pillow

was your tooth
I was mean to you


forgive me as I apologize
sister, sister

you swallowed that penny

I was the one that knew


thank you for that jewelry box

a gift is a gift

you can’t take it back

do you still have it

worn and loved over the years

like our bond that is strong


You are my closest and longest friend
the one who has always been there

we share the memories of mommy

the loss of daddy

and our blood

you O+

me A+

 still the same


my heart cries for the pain

I inflicted needlessly

forgive me baby sister

for the sibling rivalry

it was the growing pains


the years we shared and

the years to come

I have and will love you dearly

I have and will love you completely

forever you will be in my heart

sweet sister of mine

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 8/30/15

She told me recently that I’m the only one to spell her name right.  Mom told me her name is Stef Anne.  My mother liked naming us after other family members. Though I don’t know who my oldest brother Clifford was named after but the name is carried on by other children in the family.  My second oldest brother was named after my great, great, great grand mother and father Jane and Prince Lawrence. I got the middle name from my aunt Willie the matriarch of the family who died before I was born. My sister I realize was named after my favorite aunt Anne.  Another thing is my mother gave each of us eight letters in our names and that is why my sister got the creative spin on Stephanie.

I would like to thank Lauren at Baydreamer   for tagging me in this fun photo challenge.

I know many of you like me don’t accept awards or participate in challenges.  This one however, is just doing what I do when I post so I gave it a try.  There isn’t any obligation to participate if I pass the challenge on to you.

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My third nomination for this challenge is Sarah over at Sarah Potter Writes


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  1. Rats… I had a comment and was poking around and forgot to post it before leaving…
    Well anyway this was a very nice tribute.
    I was the monkey in the middle with my siblings. But as you say we are family and even with distance – love is there.

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