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I really don’t mean to be a pest. I really don’t.  I just wanted to remind you from September 1 to September 7 Whispers I Silently Heard Kindle edition is on sale for $.99

Whispers I Silently Heard is still available in paperback at CreateSpace and you can always request an autograph copy at mizsilentlyheard@gmail.com


Don’t forget Pages Of pain is also available

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At CreateSpace  and Amazon  you can also request an autograph copy at mizsilentlyheard@gmail.com

See what people are saying about Pages of Pain.  Did you purchase a copy?  Would you leave a review on Amazon or GoodRead?  Thanks in advance.

Pages of Pain bring poetic joy

By Alex Carr-Malcolm “alexcm” on April 22, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A fabulous collection of poetry. I am sure this will be an anthology that I will dip into again and again. A very current, visceral, honest collection of works. Opening with a cracking poem ‘A Dish of Life’. I loved ‘The Alarm Clock is ringing’ and’ Tribal Cries’, both very similar in their message of a wake-up call to the world. Both poems very current, dealing with the pains of the world. I found them very raw and very breath-taking. ‘The Journey’ and ‘The Obituary of Humanity’ are a beautiful, ephemeral, mythical poems, delving into emotive realms. My favorite is ‘The Storm’ – not only is it a stunning poem, the layout is exquisite. It is atmospheric and moving. Linknation is also a strong powerful poem with a powerful subtext.

All in all this is a very strong collection by a talented poet who shoots straight for the heart and does not dumb down her message. I really enjoyed reading this collection.


5Honesty and Beauty in Words

By Lauren Scott on August 5, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kim through her blog, silentlyheardonce.wordpress.com, for several years now and am always in awe of her writing. This book, Pages of Pain, is no exception to her ability of writing with honesty, passion, beauty, and heart-tugging emotions. Her poetry speaks of the harsh times our world is experiencing yet she ends the book with hope. Kim knows that without hope there wouldn’t be life. What I love about her writing is  relatable to real people, to real life experiences, to what most of us are feeling. You can read her words and think to yourself, “that’s just how I feel.” Her book will remain on my coffee table with my current collection of poetry books so it’s easily accessible. I know I’ll dip into it again and again. I encourage you to add Kim’s book to your shopping list. You’ll be happy you did!


5Pages Of Pain – Keeping it Real & Hopeful

By Rosy on May 12, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages of Pain is a collection of poetry that expresses emotions & feelings about harsh realities of life – but – leaves you with hope.
Each poem will definitely touch you in one way or another.
Kim has a natural ability to express her thoughts with words that flow beautifully.


5Five Stars

By C. Renee Cultice on July 13, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Wonderful work by a talented woman~!


5Five Stars

By Amazon Customer on June 20, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition


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