Atmospheric Mortal

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Feel me,

feel me hurting

blind hands reaching
for hearts beating as one

an exhilaration of hope.

Taste me,

taste me sweet

with savory spices

flavoring the universe with goodness

from enchanting vines of the gods

Hear me,
hear me calling
the serenading ballads of nature
a silent breath on gentle winds

whispering through mountains and valleys

See me
see me looking
as I search the souls of men

for the depths of love

that flows in oceans of peace

Smell me

smell me crave

the scents of lilacs and lavender

intoxication euphoric tranquilly

for days of aromatic stimulation.

feel the beat of my heart
taste the bitterness of my tears

hear the moaning of my pain

see the joy and pain that lines my face

and smell the putrid scent of evil on earth

I am the sorrow of the past
the dreams of the future
I journey through darkness
lighting a path for the fruits of my loins

follow me, lead me

together we will shine

With brilliance

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 12/23/13

6 thoughts on “Atmospheric Mortal

  1. Ce qui survient convient. (What occurs is acceptable.)

    – Ben Naga

    Most days I can even walk the talk. Other days I complain and wait to recover my sense of balance.

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