A Battle to Subdue

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some mornings
I have mountains to climb
I have ditches to dig
jungles to chop through
I’m tired, exhausted, no
it’s fatigue, that’s the word
it’s a challenge crawling from bed
brushing teeth and  washing the ass
tasks that must be done
but I
I just want to lay in the rays
of the sun
but her poison will trigger my lupus
so I close my eyes
under an old maple  tree
feel the late summer breeze
or maybe the remnants
of those girls  creating
havoc along the pacific coast
inhale deep
exhale slow
I want to bask in laziness
float upon calm seas
but my life is a rugged terrain
a battle always to conquer
when the wolf
with the butterfly nose
lurks in the shadows
I quietly hide
trying to blend
like a  chameleon
best I can do is cry
a rainbow of tears
and wish for a
pot of gold
in a land of tired souls
seeking serenity
on the other side
hoping for a win

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©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/4/15

20 thoughts on “A Battle to Subdue

  1. I love this, especially the start and finish. “In the land of tired souls ,” is priceless. I have an old client and friend who worked tirelessly, helped her mother through health and insurance issues and mothered a son who made too many bad decisions. When I asked her if she ever just rested, she said when I stop doing stuff, I just fall asleep. She is a member of the land of tired souls.

  2. No one could know of those exhausting days that lay so heavily.. I wish you butterflies Love and Blessings.. I felt your heavy heart while reading this Kim.. I wish you better days in the Suns gentle rays under the Old Maple Tree 🙂

  3. Ah this reminds me of:

    “Folks, I’m telling you,
    birthing is hard
    and dying is mean-
    so get yourself
    a little loving
    in between.”

    ― Langston Hughes

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