I’m Sorry

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I'm SorryI’m sorry you’re unhappy

that your smile is now a growl

I gave you all my love

thinking it was enough

I’m sorry you’re hurting

that your ego is bruised

I gave you my heart

to share, with the rhythm of yours

I’m sorry I disappointed you

that I made you cry in pain

I gave you my honesty

to believe in your trust

I’m sorry our, us is broken

that we grew apart

I gave you my all

for our dreams to come true

I’m sorry I wasn’t enough

that you lost confidence in me

I gave the best I have

to make you feel safe

I’m sorry you can’t forget

that deceit created distrust

I give you my sorrow

and beg for your forgiveness

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/5/15


This was written for a friend of mine who is hurting because he and his wife have separated and he is being denied the right to see his baby girl. Many of us know how hard it is to make relationships to work. How much it hurts when they fail and we blame the other rather then looking at our part in destroying the relationship. I hope they can fix what’s broken.

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