Am I


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am I who I’m not

a guest in my own skin

searching in a storm of silence

making peace with the stranger

I’m getting to know


a legend once walked in my steps

in the past

then in the future

now that legend is a ghost

trying to become a spirit

for now she is nobody

just ashes of dreams blowing


I am who I am when I’m not

an illusion in my realm of fantasies

building fear while destroying hope

planting seeds of doubt

and pulling weeds of confidence

only to fall into a pit of defeat


I’m who I am when I’m not


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/7/15

20 thoughts on “Am I

  1. There’s such a lot of interesting ideas surrounding this, ‘I am who I am when I’m not’. I feel it somehow answers a question most people haven’t discovered yet how to ask…

  2. All parts of a unique whole.
    Me, Myself and I = id, ego and super ego.
    Dream big, move forward –
    A rose can be a weed if it is not growing where one wants it. Plant confidence and grow. You are beautiful!

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