Haunting Echoes 

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echoes in the wind
shouting the haunted cries
of the innocent 
escaping wickedness 
with a heavy burden
crawling on tired knees
leaving a trail of  blood
with fear and hunger
reaching for a glimmer of humanity 
only to be ignored 
as disposable pawns


shall we forgive the wicked
who pisses on salvation 
or show them the evil
that lurks within
the greed they lust
in a life that is fleeting
laid to rest in a platinum coffin 
his name on a building
maybe even a corner
but void of fond memories 
of his egotistical life


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/8/15

19 thoughts on “Haunting Echoes 

  1. Too many think a name is all they need.

    Some visits only need a 🙂 in the comment box.
    a ” ~ ” …Or nothing – if the piece doesn’t suit.
    I have some relatives that think they can dictate every travel situation.
    They might mean well, but sometimes they need to wear their shoe on the other foot – so-to-speak.
    But this time, if they travel with us, they will have to follow our itinerary.

      1. While not a large family…my own has some very dominate personalities.
        For the most part we are agreeable. But… well there are always challenges with or without in-laws and siblings and anyone else you’d like to toss in.

        There is a strength in being passive as well as being assertive. 🙂

    1. People fleeing to where they can be safe but they aren’t welcome. Those who can help spend their riches frivolously like a platinum casket. I know if anyone has had one but my meaning was you can’t take it with you but you can try. While poor are suffering and dying.

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