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My life is like a pomegranate. The exterior texture is smooth and a little leathery making it tough until you cut into it. Its appearance is dull and unassuming yet bright enough to be noticed. When you get inside there are sections like the decades of my life. There are hundreds of bright seeds. One may be plump and juicy. Another may be dry and bland. Like the days of my life each a new and unique adventure.  When all the seeds are gone you’re left with yellow wrinkle skin where life once was.

I didn’t know what life had in store for me. I dreamed of the kind of life I wanted. The thing about dreams they don’t always come true. So I adjusted my dreams to new ones. I looked back on my past with regret instead of embracing the lessons I learned. I visualized how sweet my life will be when my dreams finally come true. I will continue to visualize and share my dreams in the universe but the reality is my health is failing. Just like every seed in the pomegranate is different so are each one of my days. I may wake up with limited pain or a rare day of no pain. There are the days like I’ve had for the past couple of weeks with a pain level between 8 and 9. I’ve had 10+ pain and I’m thankful I’m not feeling that pain.


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The gift is I woke up and was given another day to be. To embrace all the wonders I may face today, like a little bird in the tree outside my window, children laughing and playing on their way to school. The sun may shine or rain may fall, it might be a heat wave or a cold front it doesn’t matter and complaining won’t change a thing anyway.

An over the top joke someone says on TV when my body doesn’t want to crawl out of bed. A call, email or letter in the mail from someone spreading their joy. It’s all good because I have a new day. Not yesterday’s regrets or tomorrow hopes. I have today, right now to enjoy even when I’m hurting. I bear the pain and smile despite it, because it doesn’t hurt to smile, to be happy and thankful. Tomorrow isn’t promised so I’m making the best of today.

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  1. Kim, I wish you’ll have a life with less pain, but we’re each dealt different things we battle with daily. I love your stoic attitude and hold you in my prayers daily dear friend! Keep being positive, it’s better than being negative.

  2. Life is complex, and this is the first time I’ve encountered a pomegranate as an analogy. 😉 I haven’t experienced the pain you described, so I wish you peace and comfort.

  3. Unless you live with pain, no one can know how it constantly can drag you down.. learning to smile through and take each day at a time is often the only way to be..
    I so admire you and the courage you have.. What I have learnt along the way Kim, is that each day is a new day, And when we draw upon our eternal spirit and fill ourselves up with self love, We also fill ourselves up with strength which carries us through..
    Sending you a huge Hug and a wave of healing thoughts your way Kim.. Love and Blessings.. ❤ Sue xxx

  4. Pain is so hard to deal with but I don’t need to tell you about that struggle. It never comes at a convenient time or place. Living the best life possible, as you are doing, although the pain is present is truly a courageous way to live. I admire all that you are able to do and I also admire when you are able to know and recognize when you must slow down and listen to your body.

  5. You are a strong and wise woman my friend. I wish there was something I could do to ease some of your pain. big hugs and I am sending healing vibes out to you. ❤

  6. Laughter is very therapeutic and I recommend large doses. I don’t know if you have Netflix or you can get a bunch of dvds from the library. Get comedy and if you like girl flicks and overdose on it.

  7. Some say the famed apple of Eden was a pomegranate – I think our world is just as you described the fruit. So many seeds. May there be much joy and hope among them to add to your smiles. Hugs.

  8. You’re a very brave lass. And it’s right, we can’t spend our days regretting the past. You are right to live each day and appreciate the gift, even if it does bring pain. Sending loving vibes towards you; I admire your fortitude and your optimistic outlook on life.

  9. A pomegranate is a great analogy. I see how it applies to your daily pain, but it is good you don’t give up. I know that must be difficult. I will remember this… positive thoughts my dear! 🙂

  10. I like your analogy. My daughter lives with constant, daily pain. It’s exhausting, debilitating and depressing. You are right to continue to focus on gratitude and the humor of live. I spend a lot of time looking for things that will make me laugh and for which to be grateful. It’s what gets me through my days. Most of us have had many dreams quashed and have had to move on from them. I wonder if I still have any dreams left sometimes so I get it. Hugs and hope to you.

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