What We Knew


Hand of creation Found on Google.
Hand of creation
Found on Google.

light shines in darkness

engulfed in turbulence

soothing calm cradles

 in serenity

embraced by love

caressed with happiness

fueling the calm

bursting from within

beautifully wild flowers

an artist foreplay

sunshine sprinkling rains

rainbows dance and shimmer

 pointing to the pot of . . .

drunk from earth ‘s sweet scent

floating slowly above the clouds

into the infinite universe

traveling light years from earth

and back

before tears filled the eye

and blood stained our path

a blink in a wrinkle of time

when love ruled

peace fed our souls

and conflict did not exist

when the multitude

was united and one

when we knew . . .

we knew what we all forgot.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/24/15

In the comments can you remind us all what we forgot?

27 thoughts on “What We Knew


    Clouds dim the day, with dusk
    We’re turned away from light.
    Clouds disperse, night brings dawn.
    Behold! The light’s still here.

  2. Beautifully written and thought provoking, Kim, and I think with all the communicative social media, we’re communicating less. Keeping hope alive is the only thing we can do; otherwise, we’ll sink into forever despair.

  3. Conflict can translate to change, which isn’t always conflict. We who think we can think that we have all the answers – just don’t.
    Cool illustration. Some of the astronomy sites have photos of nebula that look like ‘things’ – some like eyes, some like faces. But for the fraction of a second that the photo was take…because with the slightest movement (as with any choice that is made) the picture can change.

    Hugs. ~Jules

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