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Hello fellow bloggers,

I do miss you guys a whole bunch.  I’m doing okay lupus isn’t  to blame for my absence.  As most of you know I’ve been working on my novel Hidden Temptation for several years.  I’m finished. No I’m not tossing it in the garbage.  I finished editing as much as I can.  Now I’m trying to write a short synopsis to use in a query to attract an agent and possibly get Hidden Temptation publish the traditional way. I’m going to tell you this, writing the book for five years was easier than writing a short paragraph synopsis.  Also, I’m working on book two which I am so excited about because I know so much about my character that I can’t wait to get the conflicts going in book two that has no title.

I don’t mean to neglect you guys and I hope to stop by and visit most of you as soon as I can. Please be understanding.

The following is a sample of one of my synopsis.

Hidden Temptation –

Synopsis 1- Lydia Spencer became pregnant out-of-wedlock causing her and Thomas Hawkins to have a shot-gun wedding. Thomas wanted a son but after his third daughter, Odette was born Lydia had a hysterectomy.  He blamed Lydia for his misfortune and started physically abusing her. He ignored Odette who would hide as her sisters tried to help their mother.  Odette was abused by her first high school boyfriend. Again she hid while her sisters taught him a lesson.  Odette has rules about who she dates  and hides from committed relations.

Wilhelm’s father, Edward Poke was a Viet Nam veteran who was strung out on heroin and was causing financial difficulty for his family.   Edward overdosed on New Years Eve after disappointing his wife and sons the day after Christmas. Wilhelm became an accountant and married Belinda whom he thought was a sweet young lady.  However, she was a gold digger and had several adulteress affairs.  Belinda was awarded fifteen percent of his salary for two years. Wilhelm takes a leave from the accounting firm to work at UPS so he wouldn’t have to pay Belinda that much money. Wilhelm vows to not get serious with another woman and has explicit affairs with different women. It’s at UPS that Wilhelm meets Odette.

Synopsis 2- He wanted a son but after his third daughter, Odette was born there would be no more children.  Her father became physically abusive to her mother. He ignored Odette who feared him and would hide while the abuse was going on. Odette’s was attacked by her first boyfriend that prompted the relationship rules her family doesn’t approve of.

Wilhelm’s father was a Viet Nam vet strung out on heroin.  After disappointing his family one Christmas Wilhelm’s father overdosed. Wilhelm married an adulterous gold digger.   After his divorce, he was hired by UPS. Wilhelm no longer trusts women and has his own relationship rules.

When Wilhelm and Odette meet they play a game of cat and mouse.  There’s a magnetic attraction that keeps drawing them together despite all the twist and turns life throws at them.

So what do you think?  Do you want to read more?  There are a lot of twists and turns in the story. It is family orientated despite Odette’s relationships with her sisters they are close yet strained.    Odette has a conflict at work that may threaten her livelihood  and   Should those facts be added to the synopsis?  Please share your thoughts, your suggestions are desperately needed.

Thank you always for taking the time to visit and thank you to those who give me feedback.

28 thoughts on “Synopsis Madness

  1. I like the second one better. But I know nothing about what a publisher would want. Which might be more along the lines of the first one just because there is more information. Do what ever you need to do. Internet time is not ‘real time’ at least not to me. I am glad you are healthy and able to write.

    Hugs, Jules.

  2. I think I like the second synopsis. I know what you mean about trying to summarize a book into a few paragraphs. I had practice doing it for this Summer Reading program at the library. We were asked to review the books. I would say that you want to get someone interested in the book but not give away the whole story. I like the story line about Odette and her possible relationship with Wilhelm. So exciting that you finished a book. Congratulations!

  3. Great news Kim. Thank God you finished writing the novel. I think synopsis 2 is far better as has been said already. At least it reads better for me. Having never written a synopsis before I cannot give you much advice there. 🙂 But I do know this; you have one hell of a great book in the making. Congrats my dear. 🙂

  4. I think synopsis 2 is a lot better, however i would boil it down further.. focus on the main plot and character. In novels there are usually many subplots that adds value and color to the novel.

    I recently read a trick… start with why this novel is important, then how you address the issue, and finally the what (the plot).

    Sum it up with words, like (I have not read your novel):

    This novel is about abuse, about blooming despite and troubled backgrounds, it’s about survival..

    1. From what you read you drew it up perfectly with it about taking chances and surviving despite troubled and dysfunctional background is a good summary. Thank you Bjorn there are so many options on how to query a book project. It does get overwhelming.

    1. Thanks Lesley. I read that you should try to keep it as a short paragraph when querying. Your introduction and a short bio shouldn’t be any longer than a page. You know I value your thoughts.

  5. Sounds a bit convoluted but I’m sure it would be easier to follow actually reading the book – no more complicated than my books! Quite serious contents and backgrounds but I look forward to being able to read it.

  6. Just glad to know you are OK Kim, and what better reason to go to ground than to finish off a novel.. and it sounds a great story full of Life and adventure..
    Sending Love your way. Sue xxx ❤

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