Just Today and Tomorrow

Thank you to those who have taken advantage of my free promotion of Pages of Pain.  If you haven there’s still time. Pages Pain available free  until 11/7/2015 on this link.


No problem you can download (or upload don’t know one from the other) onto your cell phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Then you can getPages of Pain free!!!  The books will be available on any device you may use in the future.

So hurry get your copy today.


Here’s a sample of the kind of poems you’ll read.

tribal cries



For those who’ve been visiting this continued post thank you and it’s almost over.

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Let me know what you think..



Again thanks for your support.  HUGS!!!

4 thoughts on “Just Today and Tomorrow

  1. As always, your work leaves me in awe, shaking my head at not only the style, but the sentiment. The honesty we all need to hear. So glad I found you, and your work. Keep writing!

    Jane (Turnip & Musings From the Turnip Patch)

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