Final Day

You guys are really the best.  Some of you clicked on every day to show support, for that I am thankful.  Today is the last day to get Pages of Pain free!! So help me break my record.  Despite your support and my daily pestering, I haven’t sold more than 4 free copies a day.  Will you help me break that limit on this final day of purchasing Pages of Pain free today.

No Kindle is no excuse.  You can download it on any device and read and uninstall it and reinstall anytime. Not only will you get to enjoy Pages of Pain there are always free or great books available at affordable prices like Whispers I Silently Heard available for $2.99 on Kindle.  So get the app here  If the link doesn’t work google Kindle App or go to you app store on your mobile devices.


cover for whispers feeling blue



Thank you so very much for supporting me. I am still working on my Novel Hidden Temptation.  I have a friend, who is good with grammar and picking up errors, she’s reading it.  She is up to chapter 4 and so far she says it’s error free.  Lupus is still kicking my butt but I’m not giving up the fight. The lung cancer didn’t come back, but my lungs are crappy. I five lung diseases and inflammation in my lungs due to the lupus. All causing havoc on my body. They increased the steroids again. What can I do but live and be happy?

 I work a little in the mornings then I go and lay down most of the days unless I’m seeing a doctor on any given day.  I hope to be back to blogging regularly, not to just sell my poetry books, 😉 in a couple of weeks.  I need to catch up with you guys, I’m still missing you.  I’m on Facebook off and on all day with my cell and tablet and I’ve been playing with Instagram.  I’m on twitter, but I don’t follow too good.  So if you want to chat or catch up with me reach out.

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  1. Hey Kim, Your link on your sidebar to follow you on facebook is broke. Just wanted to let you know that. I will get around to read your book as soon as I have some time. I have my copy! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Big hugs!

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