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Whispers I Silently Heard Kindle version will be free from December 31, 2015 to January 4, 2016 on Kindle. Get your copy.

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I know you didn’t think I wasn’t going to plug my book.  If you want an autograph copy you can still request it from me.


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I thoroughly enjoyed savouring this anthology
By Alex Carr-Malcolm on October 18, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed savouring this anthology. I Know I will return to it again and again. The first poem, ‘Seasons of Love’ is such a strong opener, a rich and vibrant poem brought to life with texture and colour. This feel continues throughout the anthology. Kimberly has a great turn of phrase, such as the ‘pregnant moon’, and lines such as, ‘was it defiance in your eyes or a longing for a suicide demise in the early morn.’ (Breast Swollen in Pride).
Amongst my favourites were: ‘A Little Birdie Told Me’ – such a cute poem. ‘The Storm’ – atmospheric and visual. ‘Seasonal Excursion’ – soulful. ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Alone’. There are so many poems to choose from. The layout is excellent and Kimberly’s use of creative metaphor and symbolism is outstanding, she offers amazing conceptual poetry.
Kimberly has a very dark and hard hitting side – poems that are not for the faint hearted. ‘The Little Children’, is hard hitting. She covers the darker side of life with a whole host of poems in her graphic section.
Other poems I really appreciated were, ‘Legendry Dreaming’, for its imaginative use of archetypes and symbolism. ‘Remembrance’ – was a clever use of word play. ‘Shhhhhh! I Wanna Hear’, ‘Lost Poet’, ‘Brick and mortar’ and ‘Cleaning House for the New Year’ each contained different elements of hope or longing and were simply, beautiful.
This second anthology keeps on giving, and her poetry, like a fine wine is rich and intoxicating.

A Collection of the author’s Heart and Soul in a Huge Volume of Poetry
By Lesley Fletcher on December 10, 2015

I ordered this book of poetry directly from Kimberly to receive a signed copy. I have followed her blog for 4-5 years and have always been drawn in by her ability to emote, to stir my own emotions and give me something to think about.
Her book is chalked full of poems I had not read on her blog. I found myself entranced in the images she creates from the written word. One of my favourites can be found on page 93 – It is titled Assassinated Love – the title alone is lays it all to bare; the words are some we can all relate to if we have encountered lost love (who hasn’t?) – but Kimberly lays it all to bare: “The smiling times are long gone yet resurface with every movie and every song now engraved in memory are brutally inflicted faults that destroyed our destiny … and it continues.
Congratulations Kimberly on a collection of your heart and of your soul. Thank you for sharing with your friends who are already fans and hopefully with many new friends and fans. Well done. Pages of Pain Can’t wait to get to Pages of Pain – saving it for my beach vacation where the sea will cleanse my tears.
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A Book of Poignantly Raw Verse
By Sheri Bessi on October 2, 2015

I met Kim on WordPress over 2 years ago and was immediately attracted to her style of poetry. In this book she shares very poignantly the rawness of life. Her words make you think. They invite you to look deeper into your own heart and see if you are being real with yourself. Whispers I Silently Heard is deeply insightful into the heart of pain, survival & hope.

Good read
By AM on September 4, 2015

Beautiful poems. It’s not all about pretty things like birds and flowers. There is a different kind of rawness and honesty that I have come to enjoy and appreciate. The poems have a deeper meaning and they are very heartwarming and tender.

The poems are very deep. Each one has something …
By Amazon Customer on December 9, 2015

The poems are very deep.Each one has something we all can relate to. Proud of you Kim.