Still Human

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A father kills his pregnant daughter over money. He hid her body in a crawl space in the basement of their home. Neighbors say the father was crazy. The police found a machete and a hammer and two buckets of gravel
A fifteen-year-old, Destiny Garcia’ is being charged for the murder of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Destiny claims that the mother’s boyfriend was abusing her and her mother didn’t do anything about it. Later Destiny said it was the mother who was abusing her and the boyfriend didn’t stop it. But the bottom line is Destiny is charged with murder and despite that she is said to be in a good mood.

Why is she in a good mood? Killing and death doesn’t seems to cause any remorse in our children or young adults in this time period. This should be an issue among us.
The cool gangster young men walk around with their draws hanging out. They might be clean but they look dirty to me. I would like to stick my cane in the hole of their ass. Wonder who would scream the loudest me for making a hole in one or him for getting excited, I mean isn’t that the reason for the sagging, easy access?
Think about those videos of people on the train having fights or on the streets. Isn’t it ridiculous? When we were kids we would have fights but they were called fair ones. We would gather in a circle around the people fighting and if one person was getting their ass kicked unmercifully, we would break the fight up. Today they fight until their clothes are torn off or their hair pulled out. They keep fighting until they have a broken limbs, black eyes and blood all over the place. The ones who  got their ass kicked gets mad and comes back later to fight again but this time, they bring a crew to fight or a gun. If one or the other has a beef they should have a one on one. There will be a winner and there will be a loser. When the fight is over then the whole situation should be squashed. But that’s not what’s happening instead what they do is put  it on Facebook and  try to make it go viral on the internet and get everybody’s watching the sick violence. I don’t care if you call yourself African-American or Black you’re promoting the abuse of people who look like you and that makes you just as ignorant. So stop circulating these fight videos. This is what you are showing the world you are.  You’re no better than a savage. How can you profess your love for your African ancestors when you allow the abuse and ridicule of your brothers and sisters on this land.  Think about that you African-Americans.
And ladies, your heavy round boobs are pretty, so is that big old ba-dunk-a-butt. But must you wear clothes that cling to every bursting at the seam and bulge. You think that makes you sexy. I laugh because if you capture a man with all of that exposed do you think he will ever know what’s going on in head or care. You don’t have to emulate the performers of today. A little mystery is alluring.



I have a tattoo, it’s cute and I’ve seen some other cute ones. But what is up with tats all over your face? Don’t you expect to have a job someday? Who’s going to hire you with a gun on your face? If you don’t plan on getting a job you must be planning  to do crime. Well, that tattoo will come in right handy when it comes time to identify you.
We need to show some compassion, love and respect for each other but some of you want to continue to act like savages in the street. What can I say it’s your business. But if we want black lives to matter we need to matter to each other.
A white family can follow their lineage as far back as history can go. That is a wonderful thing. I mentioned in You Can Be African-American But I’m Black  that I would like to do that one day but until then my family’s here, my family is buried here, so I am American I’m black and I’m American and I know that my people come from Africa and being that I want to call myself American does not change that fact. The thread on The Grio isn’t a discussion or a healthy debate. It’s a group of people who wish to be called African-American they want to forge an alliance with their ancestors of Africa that sold their great, great, great, great, great ancestors into slavery to develop a bond. They associate with their African heritage so closely that they choose to adopt the name. I identify with their reasoning but my home is here. What about an alliance with us on this soil? The bastards of Africa and America?



That is a wonderful thought especially since there is no love loss in this country. I will make a guess-estimate that there 75% white people are sincere in their alliance with black people some were raised and grew out old Jim Crow era. I also know that there are some who expect us to be quiet and not dispute what they say and we’ll be okay. I lost a lot of FB friends with those thoughts. We should be able to have open conversations without talking down or disrespecting each other. We will never get anywhere if we run from the communication that we don’t agree with. Maybe facing it will bring us some understanding.




We should be able to have an intelligent debate on what should we call ourselves. Black is a race, American is a nationality, Africa is a continent from which black  people came from in fact all people did. You can call yourself African-American but allow me the respect to call myself black without saying I hate myself and that I am looking for acceptance. There is only one group of people I need to find acceptance from, there is only one group of people whose acceptance I want, first I want it from myself and from my family and friends. Our major issue is not whether we are black or African-American but that we are all seen as human regardless as to what we choose to call ourselves. Every one of us are human.

African-American and blacks are being killed at an alarming rate. Those being killed aren’t drug dealers, gang banger or those doing mischief. Too many of us are being killed at the hands of “Anywhere USA” Police Department. We are being stopped for driving while black, walking in the wrong neighborhood, and we are being stopped for wearing the wrong clothes. Then we are either being beat to death or neglected and the police are 85% of the time being vindicated. While the prisons are busting at the seams with innocent people who were wrongly accused and found guilty for being the wrong color of  skin.

For my black brothers and sisters, my fellow African-Americans be worthy of whatever you call yourself and have each other’s back instead of tearing each other down. Learn to shut up and listen. Learn patience with your children they are out futures. Check their homework, talk with their teachers, and know their friends. Teach your children pride in themselves and the culture we come from. We were born on this American soil, or ancestors plowed and planted these lands, our ancestors fought in Civil War, they marched on Washington, and they died for the right to vote. They hung on trees fighting for rights to be free, they were tarred and feathered. Your ancestral grandmothers were raped, abused and forced to have little white babies suckled on their breast while their own children went without. Our American ancestors were denied education and today the damage continues to plague our school system. That mentality that, ‘we don’t need to read’ flows through out blood. Our black children get inferior books in school, overcrowded classrooms. Our teachers aren’t paid enough and don’t have enough supplies. Our children don’t have extra activities after school in some neighborhoods. Our educations system fails to teach the real American experience. 400 years of slavery is just a blurb in the history books.  This needs to be amended if we want to really heal and eliminate the racial barrier.

We show our dislike and our limitation to love one and other by not trusting each other, we sell drugs to each other further keeping us brain-dead, lazy and unemployable. Instead of pushing to help each other we turn our back on each other because life is too short to help those in need. Let’s get our brothers and his sisters in rehab. Lets put the drug dealers out of business. They are killing our people faster than the police, don’t you know that?

This is an old saying and but it is relevant “Each One, Teach One.” “As you climb up, reach back and pull  up the one following.” If you work for the CEO be sure to greet the janitor that washes the toilet for you every day. You aren’t any better.  You are human just as he is. We are all one people black, white, brown and yellow and any other color in the rainbow. Less respect instead of having our noses so stuck up in the air that we miss smelling the roses at out ankles.

Lets stop this dispute between ourselves. African-American, black it doesn’t really matter we are all human. In the comments, I would like for us to list our similarities. I will start by saying  our blood flows red and we all need love.



Bulworth staring Waren Beaty and Halle Barry. In this scene, Waren Beaty character was going a little crazy but what he said made sense.  Even if it doesn’t work it would be fun trying don’t you think?

11 thoughts on “Still Human

  1. A heartfelt passionate speech Kim… This may well be the year when More people start to speak up .. And loved this paragraph
    “Lets stop this dispute between ourselves. African-American, black it doesn’t really matter we are all human. In the comments, I would like for us to list our similarities. I will start by saying our blood flows red and we all need love.”
    Agreed… We are all One Race… we are the Human Race … though some have forgotten how to embrace their Humanitarian side …
    Love to you dear Kim.. ❤

  2. That is some speech, Kim! Both passionate and well-reasoned. I’m reading a novel at the moment about the sort of prejudice encountered by Jamaicans who came to the UK (their Mother Country at the time) during World War 2, enlisting as volunteers to help fight the Germans, and then after the war when some of them settled in the UK. The prejudice shown against these people both during and after the war was so alarming. I don’t get it. Discriminating against people because of their skin pigment! Anyway, just in case you haven’t read the novel, it’s “A Small Island” by Andrea Levy. It has won two literary prizes and I’m not surprised. She’s a most excellent writer.

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