Surprise Me for My Birthday

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3 weeks from today I will 56 years old. I would love to wake up and look at the  reviews for both my books and for the reviews to be as many as my birthday age. So if you have a copy will you help make it possible and leave a review for Pages of Pain or Whispers I Silently Heard  on Amazon or Goodreads or both. Give me a birthday surprise that will make me overjoyed.  Thanks.


It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out.  You can just say:

Kimberly is an excellent writer I don’t know why more people aren’t reading her poetry.

This is the best book of poetry I ever read.

It doesn’t have to be positive because I’m sure it don’t fit many of your tastes. Then share that:

Kimberly a terrible writer and she should stop. These poems are awful and a waste of time.

Reading Kimberly poems was a waste of time just like writing this review.


So this is what I want for my birthday.  At the end of the kindle editions, you can give a review right there.  Tell what you think I can handle it.  I will be overjoyed to have the 56 birthday reviews and maybe one or two more for luck.


I don’t usually get too many material gifts.  Wishes and hugs mostly and trust me those are the best.  Just this once I want something I can show off so will some of you leave me a review.


Oh Poetry resumes tomorrow On Silently Heard Once.

10 thoughts on “Surprise Me for My Birthday

  1. Kimberly’s Poems are FAR from A Waste of Time.. And although I have not purchased your book.. I have so enjoyed your poems you share here Kim.. and a Happy Birthday to you for 3 weeks in the future… Love and Blessings always.. xxx

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