So You Think You Can Write

Hidden Temptation

I wish I could write like you, they would say to me. I would tell them, you could, just write, it was easy.

That was before I attempted to write my first novel, Hidden Temptation. Oh, it is so much more, let me tell you. Just because you can tell a good story doesn’t mean you can write a story well. It is so much more difficult then writing a short story. In a short story, you have a character that you take from beginning to end. It’s easy to go back and add little hints once you know the story ends. Now try to do the same thing with writing a full-length novel. You may have seventy-five pages and want to add a nervous tic that will work well to identify a certain character later. That’s going to take time and patience lots of patience to fill in those gaps.

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16 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Write

      1. To finally be able to draw a line under it will bring perhaps both satisfaction and a sense of emptiness. Like: “what do I do with my time/life?” Although the latter will soon pass I think.

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