You’re Invited


You can click Invite to visit Hidden Temptation
You can click Invite to visit Hidden Temptation

I launched a new blog to promote my soon to be released novel Hidden Temptation. I re-blog yesterday but that proved to be a waste of time so very few actually visited the site. I won’t be re-blogging again. However,  thanks to all of you who liked the re-blog post.    I will leave a link to Hidden Temptation at the end of every post of Silently Heard if you wish to visit.


I do hope that some of my current friends will join me on Hidden Temptation.

12 thoughts on “You’re Invited

  1. By now you know that I am a follower there. (And have even made Comments!) Do you see that cloud of dust in the far distance behind you? It is me, running to catch up. Or – from another perspective – running on the spot.

  2. Thank you for the invite… I was trying to resisting the Temptation Kim lol as I follow your main blog, but one more to over 354 other blogs I follow LOL.. I thought Go On… Be Tempted! and so you are no longer ‘Hidden’ 😀 ❤ ❤

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