America’s Shame

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I was going to write about Stacy Dash and other like mind thinkers. I was going to add my half a cent about the Oscar’s since no one gives a damn what I think on that matter one way or another. I never watch the Oscar’s I never know 3/4ths of the movies nominated or the winners so I don’t really care. Honestly I still don’t. Black Hollywood shouldn’t care either. The blacks in the movie industry get paid and will continue to get paid because the bottom line is the number of zeros on the check.

The Oscar’s slighting of blacks is not new. What’s new is Hollywood black elite is angry that they weren’t really included in white Hollywood. I think they were under the illusion that they mattered. The rude awaking is that they realize they aren’t any more important than the black stage hands on the set. For you rich actors it’s an easy fix. Pool your money, build your own Burbank. Help make Tyler Perry Studios in South West Atlanta great. Make your own movies and if RKO and Lowes don’t want to air your movies help Magic Johnson build an empire and increase his chains. Money is power and black Hollywood has it. You don’t have to be accepted or recognized by the Oscar’s the rest of the world is paying to see your movies.


Oprah Winfrey has her own television station and I’m sure she will open her doors to welcome many more quality Television shows that aren’t chained by racism.


I know this rant will be ignored as most of my rants on racism are but that’s not going to stop me. I was reading blogs at 4:30 am on January 25 and read the following blog My Success is Your Success.wordpress At first I wasn’t going to link to it but I want you to see I didn’t make this up. It is totally anti-Obama. I read the following statement and was totally disgusted.


Non [sis] of the 43 former American Presidents accused or called America arrogant except Barack Hussein Obama. He did during his failed apology tour to the Middle -East in 2009.Yet the American people regardless of race, gender and creed elected him for a second term.
Dr .Martin L. King. (1929-1968) Buried racism, hatred and division. [sic] Barack Hussein Obama within a short time , resurrected hatred , racism and division

My response was:

I stopped reading after you wrote President Obama resurrected racism. You are mistaken. Racism was never buried it may have been swept under a rock or rug. When President Obama was elected angry bigots crawled from under those rocks and rugs. But it was a new day. Black folks weren’t going to sit back and be treated as second class Americans. What Obama did was shine light on white America’s shame.


This blogger truly believes that racism was buried with the Reverend Martin Luther King. Why? I ponder that thought. Could it be that America was distracted with the influx of Vietnam vets coming home broken mentally and physically? Along with an  overstock of drugs that poured into the poor and black communities. A way to keep black folks hidden in the ghetto, hood words that our youth use as if it’s a badge of honor. Instead of calling the neighborhoods we live in communities . While we were keeping each other high and fighting over territory and money white folks went on their merry way thinking there was no racism. When drugs became a major issue in the white suburban neighborhoods and communities the police started an aggressive policing with prejudice, which they always did but now with more gusto because we were fighting back in the courts and on the streets. Making violence a black issue, it wasn’t the concern of middle class white America. No good the ol’ white boys were stockpiling guns and went to where there were large number of people gather and shot  up everyone at one time.  No one was/is excluded.


Meanwhile black people were filling up the prison system rapidly. They get twice as much time as their white counter part. It is believed that a child having difficulty in the second grade is predetermined to be in prison so they build more jails instead of finding a working solution based on the second grade testing results.



America kept us sleeping with student grants. Grants that allowed the underprivileged to get higher education and after they graduated they were offer jobs with affirmative action. ‘Give the lazy stupid niggers an education and require companies to hire a select number of blacks.’ That should be restitution for 400 years of slavery, of spilled blood, sweat, and tears that stains this land and beats in the heart of America. That should make up for the night riders who burnt, tarred and feather, and hung black people. That should make up for segregation and the inhumane treatment of little black boys and girls.


Now we have black doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. Even the entertainers are making multiple millions of dollars. You would think those African-Americans would be happy. What else do they want?


America if you want to speak about racism we got to wash those big holey draws and hang them on the clothesline in the backyard for everyone to see.


Racism won’t go away until the world sees black people as human. Racism won’t go away until we fix what is broken and that is the self-respect of black people and demand that respect from everyone on this planet. Racism won’t go away until true American History is taught, the complete nasty, ugly, sorted truth. How the Europeans came to this country and stole the land from the people they named Native Americans and stuck them on reservations. From the first Africans sold into slavery, to very last one stolen. Their family units were broken up and scattered in foreign lands in what they called the middle passage. Haphazard records were kept so that the only way we can find our family is through DNA markers. But that doesn’t lead us to our great ancestors in Africa.  Our history needs to reveal how white America denied education to black people. Reveal how white America taught us to hate each other  based on the variation of our skin color.


It’s an ugly past that’s embarrassing to the descendants of slave owners who would like to forget this history. Little babies were ripped from their mother’s teats and sold. Black men and women were brought and sold like cattle and breed as such. The biggest man was mated with the biggest woman  to make big strong babies to someday work the fields. Today these big offspring’s are feared. Black men and women were beaten bloody and raw into submission. They were beaten worst than wild beast. It’s no different today, the police shoot and kill black people but use tranquilizers on wild animals that pose a threat.



Remember the civil war where the north fought to abolish slavery and the south fought to maintain it. The southern states flew the confederate flag to show their opposition to abolishing slavery, the same flag was waved when free black slaves were lynched, when cross were burnt on the land that black people lived on.  These same southern white boys want to wave this same flag as a reminder when they held black folks as slave.  It’s a reminder to us that our fathers, uncles, mothers, and aunts were killed under the banner of the confederate flag.  Oh No! It wasn’t President Obama who create this open display of racism.


Racism exists in our school systems. Classes are overcrowded, the teachers with low GPA’s are placed in the inner city schools while those with honors are placed in affluent neighborhoods. Funds for enrichment programs are cut in inner city schools. These children who suffer are the ones who get free lunch. Their parents are tired working one, two sometimes three jobs to put food on the table and to keep a roof over their heads. They don’t have the time or stamina to fund raise to get more for their children. Those on public assistance have to go out and work for their check contrary to the belief that they are home getting high and having more babies to keep a check.

No Sir. President Obama did not resurrect racism. Racism was never buried in the black communities. It may have been buried in your community because your children aren’t in fear of being gunned downed and shot for just walking home from the store. Because your children listen to Beyoncé and Jay Z or whoever the rap flavor is of the month does not make them privy to the black expression. Because your children use the word nigger like its acceptable doesn’t make them privy to the black experience. Your children can wear a black hoodie with a face mask on a cold winter day without fear of being shot down. A twelve-year-old black boy wearing his pants sagging and a hood over his head and God forbid he has his hands in his pocket or something dark or shiny in his hand. That’s a recipe for him to be shot down. These are the things we have to tell our black kids to be mindful of. Stop and put your hands up if the police confront you. Don’t talk back and don’t run. Don’t make any sudden moves. Still that may not be enough to keep a trigger happy racist or a newbie cop from seeing them as a threat. Not an innocent child whose only interested in playing video games, music and the opposite sex. White America sees black Americans as perpetrators. Guilty before they are proven innocent. When a black person walks in 
a store they are followed because it assumed we are going to steal. Let me just say while you’re watching us that white kid or old white lady is robbing you blind. Racism wasn’t buried with MLK it was always around white America choose to ignore it. Or worst thought it acceptable to see black people as a threat and no other way.


We all would like to think things have changed over the past sixty years but it hasn’t. Electing a black president awakened the fear old money white Americans had since Juneteenth  and since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation They feared America’s slave descendants will lift their voices and fist and demand freedom from the oppression we have endured loud and silently. White America believes that electing a black president proved we got over racism. President Obama did an amazing job considering all the obstacles he faced. The mess he inherited. The brazing racism and the most audacious disrespect that I have ever witnessed toward a president of the United States have to endure. Through it all he maintained a dignified decorum, he was classy and he displayed a warm and caring heart. Our first lady was none the less.


I just want to add to Stacy Dash the reason we have black history month is because all the children learn in school is white history. You are a product of that educational flaw. If  all was revealed and taught, our true American history during the nine months school is in session, then there wouldn’t be a need for black history month. I don’t mean to be mean to someone who is ignorant and doesn’t know any better. But Miss Dash you give new meaning to dumb blond. I think those pretty eyes of yours have blinded you. White people have won BET Awards and NAAPC Image Awards  I couldn’t find anything on the Soul Train Awards but I’m sure Robin Thick  won a Soul  Train award. Black people don’t exclude white people. We open our doors and try to make them feel at home.


I have a friend on Face Book who is also a blogger. I’m paraphrasing but she said something like when we want to share something good we always start with the bad. I thought yea she’s right. But today I think a little different. Racism is a festering sore that we covered with a Band-Aid trying to keep it from getting infected. What happens to a sore when it is covered? It gets wet, slimy, and smelly but it doesn’t heal. I think it’s time to rip that Band-Aid off and take our chances with infection so that sore can get some air and have a chance to heal.


We are intelligent people black, white, yellow, red and any other color of the rainbow we humans are. We can fix the racism mess America is in if we really want to. We need to stop the blame game and start with the healing. Toss out those biased American History books and write some new ones. Teach true American History all the way to the college level, make it mandatory. We fear what we don’t know so let’s get to know each other. Lets really bury racism and the stereotype thinking.


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We are all human. I saw a video on FB a teacher had a basket of different color of eggs, natural brown, white, yellow, and blue. She told her class that though they are all different on the outside they are all the same inside. She cracked the eggs and sure enough each had a yoke and the white  clear part. Inside each of us we all have blood, brains and a heart otherwise we wouldn’t be living. Let’s concentrate on making the parts of us that are the same stronger and ignore the parts that are different and cause dissension, We all have different talents, skills and thoughts lets put all those aspects  together and make us all great. No one greater than the other.


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria


32 thoughts on “America’s Shame

  1. Yes!! Right on and well said! Racism has not gone away.. Everyone’s prejudices come to the fore! As for Stacy Dash, she’s a rather washed up, confused, and dumb individual.. Many black people are brainwashed into believing that slavery is in the past… However, she just demonstrates the slavery of her mind!

    1. I can go with that. We are a responsible for our thoughts and how we spread that thought to humanity. We all have an opinion but when that opinion spreads a viruis that coninually causes damages to seperate socity it needs adjusted and thought on.

  2. Powerful piece! I am torn on this one. Part of me wants them to say screw hollywood, go out and build an empire as black actors, technicians, directors etc. Another part of me wants them to stay, keep getting in their faces, keep the dialogue going, force change, even tho nobody should have to still be fighting for inclusion this late in the game.

    1. True no body should be fighting to be included in anything. But if they start another award show everyone would be included and will possibly turn the Grammy’s into a thing of the past. Thanks for visiting. Hope you and hubby are doing well. Good seeing you.

  3. fox news and the christian conservative right wing are all keeping racism alive and well. I dropped the party once the lunatics took over and I’m a proud Left Leaning Moderate Liberal. I like your rants, I don’t always comment because I swore I wouldn’t be political here, but you made it a challenge this time.

    I was accepted at my job (99% elderly African-Americans) when a lady asked me if I ever heard about blood medicines that Blacks can’t take. I just said “I thought we were all the same”. But now I have to deal with having too much attention drawn towards me, always something…

    Just for the record, white people do make fun of/ feel sorry for white people that are just a little to backwoodsy. Just because they’re white doesn’t mean they’re intelligent.

    One final note of nothingness, I use to find Stacy Dash attractive until she started talking.

    1. Yes Stacy Dash is a disappointment to me too. I thought she was very cute and well preserved for her age. I’m sure she’s close to 50 which makes the things she says embarrassing and heartbreaking. I know people are so set in their ways. Black people too. It gives me shivers every time I hear a friend or family member say white people will never accept us. I don’t believe that. True there may be a few that won’t give up the ghost but I think there are more people who want to see a balance and equality among men than not and my hope is that they will eventually be the ones to erase this haunting racism. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Kim, this is well done. You are dead on accurate in your remarks about racism never going away. We are better than we were in many respects, but as evidenced by your comments it lingers still. As I a white man, I can pretty much go anywhere I please, yet the same is not true for a black man, even in his Sunday best.

    Two final comments, Dash’ remarks may be what some want to hear, but that does not make them true, just like Trump’s words are not. Also, there is a small, but not inconsequential percentage of Republican voters who hate Obama because he is black. If people deny this, then they are not being truthful, as the Skinheads, Nazi Party, KKK and other hate groups and related folks are not voting Democrat.

    There is a good book called “The New Jim Crow,” which is about the relative levels of incarceration. Good post, Keith

    1. Thanks Keith and I heard of the book the New Jim Crow. Nobody is honest when it comes to racism. Any post that I do on racism never gets read or they don’t get comments. People are afraid of the elephant in the room.

  5. I almost flunked history in high school because I would argue with the teacher about it. About Indian and black history. The biggest thing people can do for themselves is read….read….read. Not that crap they teach in school. Go to a library and read on the REAL history. Hell, even go online now and read the REAL histories of the red and black people…..learn….not just repeat foolish things other foolish people have stated. Don’t be a follower…be a leader. Think for yourself.

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