Searching Within

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how do I  find the answers to calm my troubling mind 
to still my adrenaline overload  beating heart
each breath per second is a challenging thought 
my mind hypersensitive in confusion 
the weight of wickedness pulsating 
demanding an audience among the righteous

I reach for hope and feel the power of love
I bath in the tranquility of peace and melt in serenity 
but only for a moment when I’m in the present
for the battle wounds of humanity cry tears of blood
promising prayers bury fear under the moonlight 
but each morning haunting echoes of the past rise

innocent victims sacrificed by hate
seeking a response, a reason why
diseased minds fueled by evil 
destroy the meek, the mild, and timid
no remorse have these walking zombies*
blindly following ignorance and hate


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria


*Zombies aka terrorist who blindly believe that their acts are the will of a god.

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11 thoughts on “Searching Within

  1. While we must be informed – it is hard to read the daily news when those who have little respect for themselves take others lives.

    It can be overwhelmingly sad to read of terrorists. And those they ‘train’t to reign terror.

  2. That’s one side of the coin; and then there’s you, Kim… Hurrah for that.. 🙂
    Kim, I can’t find your other site!?! You know, the one with the Bald Eagle article… 😉

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