A Valentine’s Day Poem

“What kind of poems do you write?”
“I write all kinds of poems, spiritual, nature, love.”
“Do you write any erotica poems?”
“I may have one or two. Not too much.”
“You know sex sells.”

I had the above conversation last week when I was trying to sell my books to a young man. So I’m testing the waters with an erotic video poem I did a two years ago. A few people watched.

18 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Poem

  1. You did your interpretive reading so much better than I could have done it, great job! I believe there are some Kindle formats that allow for multimedia. That young man might have had a good idea.More of these would make a pretty awesome collection if you can find a way to deliver them in a way that gets you paid for them.

  2. Hi Kimberly! It’s great to visit with you. It’s been a while.

    Your poem has passion, and all the makings of sweet EROTICA.

    Thank you for all your poems of nature, love, the spiritual. Your writings give me HOPE.

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