Rose Petals in the Snow


rose petals in the snow edit
A spellbinding and magnificent snow painted the day. The branches of the trees were magically transformed into an artistry vision. A captivating and breathtaking splendor created by a Power greater than moral man.



In all its beauty they begrudge this gift. Even to deny its beauty. Angry that they had to shovel, go out and run errands, walk the dog.  This relatively gentle winter made an impromptu appearance and promise to bring a bit of cold to follow. It’s winter, it’s supposed to snow. It’s supposed to be cold.



In the Antarctic icebergs are rumored to be melting and there is fear of global warming. I believe we should rejoice when these days happen. We should hope for more snow, more rain to secure a healthy future for our grandchildren on earth. Not only is it sad that people complain but it’s a waste of precious breath. They have no control over the elements. They can pray for no snow and warmer weather,  in reality we should be thankful we woke up to see another day.



Our earth is in pain and needs the snow and rain. All around the world, there are droughts and fires. Not to mention the tainted waters not fit for human consumption. To complain about snow that came and melted just as quickly is selfish.



Yes, I love winter, snow and rain and I may be a little bias. I am in my element when the days are shorter and when thunder and lightens comes. It is the power of God. It is His greatness that He bestows upon us. I am grateful and believe we should all be grateful and not complain to the Maker that we are dissatisfied with His gift.


tree in yard

I’m not a fan of spring or summer or the hot weather generated from the blazing sun. Yet I appreciate what the sun does for this earth.  Flowers blossom, the leaves on the trees sprout, bees, butterflies, ants, and spiders fly and crawl.  Birds sing louder and you hear the laughter of children more. These are the beauties to behold just as the snow and cold of winter should be appreciated.



We are guest in this life on earth and beauty surrounds us. It is up to us to open our eyes and learn to appreciate all the gifts the rains, snows and the sun shining on us. Be thankful for the mornings our eyes open, our feet hit the floor and the deep breath we can suck in.




©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria


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16 thoughts on “Rose Petals in the Snow

  1. You are so on note, Kim, when you say ours is a custodial condition only. We can’t stop the natural cyclic events; however, we do have great power in the maintenance of a cleaner, ‘longer lasting’ environment; should we decide this is what we want for the future.

  2. The British are terrible at complaining about the weather. If you dare declare it’s a beautiful day to anyone, they’ll generally say, “But it’s not going to last.”
    Of course it’s not going to last. Nothing lasts forever. Why can’t they just enjoy the moment, instead of thinking about what is round the corner? Everything in nature is cyclical — maybe even the retreating and advancing of the ice caps is cyclical, but over of hundreds or thousands of years.
    That being said, I was once asked to sum up in one sentence our purpose for being in this world and I answered, “We are here as stewards of God’s Earth.” So I guess we need to think about the big picture, while valuing each moment.

  3. I’m with you on this. I can’t shovel anymore but wish I could. Love the snow and the cold. Hide from the sun but glad it’s doing what it must do. We need it all and to appreciate it all. Well said.

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