The Ugly History We Hide


I wasn’t going to post this because I am always afraid that my rants would be ill received. I hope that eventually things like this won’t be an issue.


Beyonce performance at the super bowl gave a nod to the Black Panthers and outrage over police brutality. Freedom of speech, remember. Charlemagne tha god had a debate with Tomi Lahren This woman was reporting without facts. But I hear that’s the normal for fox news. This video was of Charlemagne and Lahren debating racism and police brutality. The other day I watched The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution … was on PBS


Tomi Lahren stated the Panthers and Malcolm X promoted hate and violence. Not true. The Panthers started the group to protect the black people from police brutality. The same abuse all people, of all nationalities and races, are subjected to today. Some white people believe we, black people are racist for trying to protect, stand behind, and uplift black people. Do they think we healed from the systematic abuse our ancestors endured since the 1700’s. Let me remind you. Our ancestors were sold and stolen from their homes in Africa placed in inhumane conditions for 3 months or more traveling across the oceans to strange lands. The voyage not only killed millions of Africans but also many of the ship crew members didn’t survive. Our ancestors were taken to different ports around the world and were branded and sold like cattle.


When they arrived in Americas they were physically, mentality, and sexually abused. They were first separated from their family in Africa. When they found mates, had children they lived with the fear that they  could at any be torn apart from their families. Black people weren’t considered human they were a commodity. Black people were believed to be savages, without feelings or spirituality, heathens. When you think of how white people treated black people and the Native Americans, who do you think the heathens really were?


The white men who didn’t have land and couldn’t afford slaves became overseers or bounty hunters to find runaway slaves. They hated the slaves more than they hated the rich plantation owners. (Think about the current presidential election) Maybe because the slave received free food, clothing, and shelter. So what if black people were treated worse than the beast of burden. If the master ordered a slave beaten the overseer was more than happy to oblige.

Image Found on FB
Image Found on FB

If a slave ran away the bounty hunters were always ready to track the runaways for a price. They would track the runaways with dogs and a posse. When the slave was found, he was beat within an inch of his life and returned to his owner.


After the emancipation (Juneteenth) This was another way for the plantation owners to get free labor. White men were still hired as overseers but there weren’t as many needed. So they believed the black people, the former slaves were taking money /food from them. The plantations owners who slaves left were losing their land and income. So they formed the night riders also known as the Ku Klux Klan who terrorized black people, threatening them, burning their homes and hanging them. I knew people when I was a teenager in the 70’s who said they had family  still sharecropping in the south.


Eventually white people started building prisons and black people were arrested for being out after curfew, for vagrancy, for looking at white women, for talking back to white people bottom line they were arrested for being black. This gave the poor whites a job as jailers and overseers for the free labor these prisoners provided.


This history was embedded in the mentality of most white people and black people. We don’t trust each other because history has proven that we shouldn’t. Black people were raised to believe white people hate us. White people were raised to believe black people are lazy, stupid, and criminals. And we hate them justifiable. These are the prejudices we can’t seem to erase. White people believe black people should forget about the slavery. But don’t forget about the Jewish holocaust, if someone says  something negative about the jews, you’re Anti- Semitic. Black people are accused of being racist if we speak about the damage to our people after 500 years of an ugly history. Why don’t white people want to talk about the ugly history of America?  Is it because their ancestors are portrayed as beast?  Until we can put all this history on the table and talk honestly we will always have this divide.  We need to be honest that’s the only way to fix America’s great divide.


During the civil rights, black people began to speak out against the injustice. The FBI was created to police bootleggers and other crimes that were committed across state lines. They were used to police the gangsters and the KKK.


J. Edgar Hoover started wiretapping any black person who could rally the masses for change. Then one by one they killed off black leaders. The panthers organized to police the police. They exercised their second amendment right to bear arms. It became an issue and the amendment the amended. Today the NRA is trying to block any amendments to the second amendment. The NRA thinks it’s okay for young white kids to walk into schools and kill little children. But of course, get the guns out of black people’s hands. So they offer us $100 no questions asked for every gun they turn in. Meanwhile white children are going to the shooting range learning how to aim.


The only incidents the Black Panthers had, was when the police attacked a black person unjustly. During that time, the police were equal to the overseers and bounty hunters during slavery. The Panthers had a ten part plan outlining what they wanted and ten points of what they believed. Killing black people was not a crime so the Panthers took it upon themselves to look out for black people since black people weren’t being looked out by the judicial system. The Panthers wanted to uplift the black communities. They learned that children who had a balanced breakfast did better academically so they started providing free breakfasts for children so they would do better in school. The Panthers gave food to the poor. They took heroin addicts off the streets and detoxed them. The Panthers became a threat when they branched out to other states and started empowering the black masses. J. Edgar Hoover wanted to end the movement. It was the FBI that fired the first shot. The FBI made a deal with a member of the Black Panther’s to spy and tell the FBI their plans. The Panthers were attacked by the FBI. During the investigation of the incident, it was found that all shots were going into the house. The Panthers were attacked and killed and I think they said only one shot was shot from inside the house.


It is 2016 and black people are still trying to be treated with respect. The police are to protect and serve the public. We have a judicial system that will try to convict. It is not the police responsibility to be judge, jury and executioner. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos circulating of police brutality. It’s not only black people being abused. People from all nationalities, race and walks of life are subjected to police brutality. The police need to be held accountable for their actions.


I read that the NYC police wants Beyonce to apologize for her Super Bowl performance. Why? Beyonce giving a nod to the Black Panthers was giving a nod to black history that some white folks want to sweep under the rug. I hope Beyonce rents an armed security detail to cover her concerts and let all the police departments sit on the side. Farrakhan said the F.O.I. will provide her security.


Tomi Lahren needs to look into history and learn the truth. When Malcolm X was assassinated he had just met with Martin Luther King to discuss being non violence and they planned to start working together to end the war in Vietnam.

White people want to know when ‘White History Month’ is. It’s every school day and every night our children have homework. American history may cover the middle passage and the triangle. It may teach about Martin Luther King, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and a handful of others but there was so much more. I’ve said it before and I will say it again if the true American History was taught in school we wouldn’t need black history month. Maybe then

people like Tomi Lahren might get her facts right. Maybe if true American History was taught all of America could heal.


White people want to know when White History Month is. It’s every school day and every night our children have homework. American may cover the middle passage and the triangle. It may teach about Martin Luther King, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and a handful of others but there is so much more. I’ve said it before and I will say it again if the true American History was taught in school we wouldn’t need black history month. Maybe people like Tomi Lahren might get her facts right. Maybe if true American History is taught all of America could heal.


I’ll leave you with this thought from another image I found on FB.

Image found on FB
Image found on FB



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24 thoughts on “The Ugly History We Hide

    1. There’s a series that just concluded for the season. It’s the best account I saw regarding slavery. I don’t know if you can get it there but just in case it’s called Underground. It shows a lot of what I mentioned.

      1. We don’t subscribe to any of the satellite channels so it may not be accessible to us, but I’ll keep an eye open. I presume you have seen the movie “Django”, an “artistic” take on The U S’s dark and shameful (for those who have shame). I don’t know whether I have already suggested that you listen to Roy Harper’s song “I Hate The White Man”? (Not difficult to find on Youtube.) It is one of the songs which, like Dylan’s, I grew up with. And here we all are – you. me, Dylan, Harper ( and all the many etcs , as the Trump of doom sounds all too loudly.

        I know you are always very busy, but if you can find time do please also try reading Doris Lessing’s magnificent book Shikasta. You will perhaps come to understand why she is one of my heroines and would figure in the list above except she has already passed though We live in her shadow, if at all..

  1. This is a great post. History is filled with atrocities and there is no doubt that slavery is an atrocity. Sadly it still happens today, there are Somalian slavers, Islamic slavers and though it shames me to say it, there are still white slavers. I’m sure there are slavers of other origins too.

    It’s hard to believe we are the most intelligent creature on the planet because our behaviour towards one another certainly doesn’t support that view. I’ve never considered any of my friends as one colour or another, they are my friends and I love them irrespective of their skin colour, beliefs or origin. I’m often left wondering if I’m in a very small minority though, and that’s quite frightening.

    1. It is said that man abuses the humble and weak. It’s also sad that we are afraid to speak honesty out of fear of offered each other. Then if we do speak freely someone takes it the wrong way. Thanks for visiting and hopefully we can change the world from fear and war to love and peace.

  2. I did not see the Beyonce performance in question. As I rarely watch the Superbowl. So to that I cannot speak. However,
    I do not like reporting without facts. But that is what journalism has become – mostly.
    I like the idea of American History for all. America after all is mostly minorities of many many different people.
    And even though there are more women than men, women are still a minority. Many being mistreated and abused throughout humanities history.
    There needs to be Herstory too! I am not one to eliminate all gender speech, like chairman of a company for example.
    But we do need to find, use and create words that honor everyone.

    1. I agree. I don’t watch the super bowl either but I saw it on You tube. Of course I couldn’t understand the words so I looked up the words and I don’t think there was anything negative in the words. I think the objection was the way they dressed and her throwing her fist up that has been a symbol of black power since the 60’s. All history should be taught including all people. Including the women who contributed throughout history.

  3. When people are anti Semetic they are praised too believe me. In Europe Islam has run News out of their homes, that’s why I struggle with many forms of Islam. Everything else I agree with. Although not every white person had slaves not are all white people even . What determines our designation needs reexamining.

    1. Just as you say all whites didn’t have salves. I know this and I know many whites were sympathizers who helped runaways get to safety. All Muslims aren’t radicals thinking their God condones the torture, rape, and killing. But I try to be tolerant of all people until they give me a reason to not.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting Keith. I know, we need someone who will build bridges, not walls. My hesitation for not wanting to post was the fear that my intentions would be misinterpreted which is what happens when conversations like this take place.

    1. Please do not hesitate. You choose your words wisely and sincerely, so they carry more weight, especially with the goodwill you have built. We need these messages conveyed, especially in today’s time. I was watching the Ray Charles tribute last night at the White House and the tremendous Sam Moore took the stage. He knew Ray. I was thinking when Sam and Dave sang “Soul Man,” many years ago, he could not perform at the White House. Now, he can. We cannot cede progress and we must understand the work left to do.

  5. Kim, thank you so much for sharing this. It is still needed now, especially with bigotry and xenophobia promoted by Donald Trump. While he is the loudest, he is not alone and is tapping into the horrible underbelly of hatred.

    A real leader would stop this behavior and certainly not promote it. We need serious people to address our problems and social injustice and poverty are two big ones. Thanks again for emphasizing real history lessons. Keith

    1. I just noticed I didn’t respond to your comment. Or maybe I did but can’t see it. You are so right and the hate is passed down from parent to child. Like Dtrumpf said he likes stupid people and those who feed hate are stupid.

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