Color With Me

color with me

her sister was my babysitter
she had a coloring book
crayons too
do you want to color with me

teenagers exploring life
we were inseparable
hanging from sun up
to the late hours
we spent our days in a haze
smoking herb
sometimes called cheeba
grass or refer

smoked joints not blunts
the Rasta’s rolled splifts
started the morning sparking
orange fingertips
smoking all day
she got paranoid
I laughed

his name was Skull
the other was Sly
bad boys they were
members of a gang
we heard

remember Snider
the old man who
wanted to seduce you
with cheddar cheese

quarts of beer
45 for you
ol’ E for me
on the handball court
from sun up to sun down
we couldn’t be beat
the higher we got
the better we played
today I blamed the game
for arthritis in my hands

those were the days
taking max, the faithful dog
for a walk, to steal a smoke
or maybe to chicken delight
for a bag of fries
were they really good
or was it just the munchies

oh so long ago
the dreams we had
the realities we lived
I missed you, my friend
my sister

I have a coloring book
want to color with me?

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria

A few days ago, a friend I’ve known my whole life called.  Turns out she was reading my blog for some time now.  So I dedicate these memories to her.  😉

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  1. Kim, what a nice tribute to a friend and time you spent together. I love the opening and close of the coloring book. It ties it all up so well. Keith

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