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I feel as if I cheated you out of a poem today.  This poem I posted after my lung surgery last year.  I like and thought it could use an encore!  If you want to read the original post click here

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like cotton balls dipped in dye
natures’ jewels
paint autumns’ hues
brass, gold, emerald and ruby
clutching the remnants of summer
swaying in the wind
until they rain down
to join their fallen brethren
rolling out the carpet
to welcome winters’
grand entrance

© Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/14/14

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24 thoughts on “Season Portal

  1. I re-read this today and imagined you and the cotton balls and breath, I just think this wonderful poem evokes so much that’s impossible to express and yet you do♡

      1. On the way? Then those are even more powerful. You are one strong lady with a beautiful palate

  2. I read somewhere that we are fortunate (mathematical incline and all) to get the vast variety of colors we do.
    In some European countries there is little red and more yellow.

    About two weeks until spring and then a plethora of greens 😉

  3. It is now Autumn here in Australia, Kim; though, you wouldn’t know it – summer is lingering on. I absolutely adore Autumn when, as you’ve written – ‘natures’ jewels
    paint autumns’ hues
    brass, gold, emerald and ruby’
    I’m looking forward to this… 🙂

    1. Oh yea I forgot you are two seasons away. We are getting buds or will be in a few days. Autumn is my favorite time of the year because winter follows. Maybe I should summer in your neck of the woods.

          1. Hahah, Kim, we don’t have ‘wild animals roaming’ unless you call Kangaroos, Wombats and Wallabies ‘wild’. There are a few Dingoes in the outback, though you’d have to be awfully unlucky to be in danger. Snakes can be a problem; though, I’ve not known anyone personally who’s been bitten. It does happen, oh yes. Then there’s spiders. We do have a number of potentially dangerous ones. No lions, tigers, rhinos or any other big game animals to contend with. And a little snow, in places, during the winter. I’m sure you’d love it!

  4. Kim, I love the reference to cotton balls. When I am driving in the NC mountains that is what it looks like. Thanks, Keith

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