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Michael Beyer a blogger who goes by the name of Mickey over at Catch A Falling Star which is also the title of one of his books nominated me for The Especially Awesome award.  As a rule I don’t accept awards anymore but I told Mickey I would accept this award from him because I think his blog can use some more traffic.


Mickey is a retired High School teacher who loved to teach and from his writings he misses if very much.  He tells stories about his days of teaching and shares his unique and wonderful art on his blog. He also has an extensive toy collection he speaks about from time to time. Please visit Mickey and show him some love.


The maker of this award wrote that these are the rules for it:


For the award, post the picture of it in your post and thank your nominator while linking to them. Tell the blogging world 5 things about yourself and/or your blog. Select 5 nominees, name and link to them. Put their names in a list then highlight them and go to the top of the editor and see the chain link, click that and paste their homepage URL. Then send a copy of your finished post’s URL to each person in their most recent post and you are all done.


Five things about me, let me see.


  1. I’m a mother of three and a grandmother of three. I guess you know my kids are grown but you didn’t know my grandkids are almost grown too. My oldest is fourteen, the middle is thirteen and the youngest is twelve.  The grandkids are now all smarter than me and told me things have changed since I was a kid.  Well at least they know I wasn’t always an old lady.
  2. I have lupus and autoimmune disease that is attacking my body. My mother had the same illness and as a teenager I always suspected I had lupus.  I was always sensitive to the sun.  When I was fourteen I went to the beach and laid in the sun all day.  That night I had a rash all over my body.  We concluded it was a heat rash and I didn’t go to the doctor.  When I was diagnosed in 2008 I looked up the lupus rashes. The rash I had at fourteen was there.  Lupus is hard to diagnosis and it could take years before a doctor recognized the symptoms. Here is a list of symptoms from the Mayo Clinic
  3. I’ve completed my first novel that is ready for publication Hidden Temptation. I’ve been working on it for several years.  I have a problem with keeping my tenses straight.  I notice the first five pages were still not right so I’m editing it again.  To keep up with my publishing progress read my other blog Hidden Temptation.
  4. I have an adult coloring book and I enjoy working on the intricate detail pictures when I’m not too busy writing or reading blogs. It really is relaxing and time-consuming. Some of the pictures can take up to five days to complete.
  5. Everyone who reads my blog knows I wish our world was more compassionate and people were more caring. I would love to see humanity learn to love and respect each other. I would like us to see each other for who we are. Not to judge each other with assumptions.  I would like us to realize we may look different, have different beliefs and cultures but inside we are the same. Prejudice is a learned behavior lets work at unlearning it.




Now for nominating five people who I believe need to have more traffic to their blog.


Poetic Journey PJ shares her struggles with Sickle Cell and her love journey.  Her thoughts are often inspiring so please go visit her.


The Prompter Room  She shares her thoughts on novel-writing and editing. She is currently completing her third edit.


E A M Harris  Ms. Harris gave me my second award when I started blogging I think it’s only fitting to give a shout out to her wonderful blog.


Mariposaoro   I just started following this lady  from the UK. If I was a cooking person I would definitely try some of her recipes.


ABC of Spirit Talk  Carolyn is a wonderful woman who blogs about the spirit of animals and how they relate to us humans.  Carolyn took a leave of absence from blogging and this is my way of welcoming her back.


10 thoughts on “The Epically Awesome Award

  1. Congratulations on your award. You and your inspiring blog certainly deserve it.
    Thank you so much for nominating me. I’m honoured that you should think of me. It’ll take me a while to sort out my acceptance, but I’ll get there.
    Thank you also for the links to Mickey’s interesting blog and the others you’ve nominated. All of them have something to say that resonates with my life and feelings.

  2. Well done, Kim. 🙂
    I nearly missed this post… Thank You for the ‘heads up’.
    I didn’t know about the sensitivity to the sun, nor the ‘rash’. This is great knowledge for people to be aware of. Heavens knows we all have to become more aware of our bodies, and the possible problems.
    Again, Thank You; I’m honoured to be a part of your world.. xoxoxo

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