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Last week I learned about a site called Meet Up. You can find meetings in your community. You will get a list of groups that meet in your area in whatever you’re interested in.


I’m interested in a lot of stuff. There are all kinds of groups meeting. There are groups for writers and actors, meditation, yoga, arts and crafts, sewing and more. I’m in NYC so there are a lot of groups in my area.


I up joined a bunch but you guys know I can’t go to all of them. So I’ll stick with the writing groups.


This past Saturday I went to a group called Let’s Talk Blogging. It was in a public library for and lasted for a quick hour and a half.
I meet four women and we’re all on our beloved Word Press.
Catherine, whose site is The Reluctant Bachelorette, was having a problem seeing her stats. We were able to help her.
Shelia whose site is Womanism, is working on her page trying to create theme that will attract traffic.
The host, Linda, whose site is Laughing Through Life, blogs pictures of the neighborhood and share stories and humor.


I enjoyed meeting these women and sharing information. I can’t wait to attend next month. Please go visit these ladies and let them know I sent you.


This coming Saturday I’m attending a group What’s your project? (cont’) Writing. This one is from 2 to 4:45. The hosts provides an agenda that includes a meet and greet, discussion and writing prompt, then we’ll break up into groups of 8 and write, then share. I can’t wait.


This afternoon I’m attending a free WEBINAR: How to Master Facebook as an Author
It starts at 4:00 PM and I think it lasts an hour. I don’t know if it’s too late to register but I thought I’ll share the information.

25 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. Sounds interesting. I know of some writing groups through the book store… but as they are at night I don’t attend. And well at one point the leader was a person who was …lets just say someone I wasn’t interested in.

    Our library has some groups. But since my days are filled with Little Miss, and I save my weekends for family…Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to find some group for ‘blogging’ help. 😉 Enjoy!

      1. Just don’t feel bad about that you gotta rest get some strength it will come but you have to heal♡♡♡

  2. They have meet ups here too and my son tried to go to several hoping to get acquainted with people since he is new to the area. Many of them had no one show up. But finally there was one that had a trivia game night that was fun. I don’t drive much anymore so going out isn’t as much of an option but have found other ways to get acquainted with people but not a writing group so far. It’s a great idea but the execution of it is still lacking. Glad you had good luck with it.

    1. There were only 4 of us so I guess like the ones your son went to people just don’t attend. The one I’m going to this Saturday has 35 people RSVP and two people waiting for an open slot because they are at the max. I don’t drive anymore either but I have a disability bus that takes me door to door or I wouldn’t be able to get around too well either. Don’t you love the golden years.

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