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Yes Ben, I ran my mouth after our conversation on that very morning in response to your enlightening poem BEYOND SILENCE. As you know I’m a work in progress.


I was so excited on that cold, rainy Saturday afternoon. I traveled by AAR from Queens to Manhattan and mingled with writers. We gathered in a room with modern decor, blue plastic chairs,  some grey and some white plastic tables of various shapes and sizes. Below the windows, that looked out from the sixth floor was a comfortable makeshift gray couch. Our host set up his laptop under a flat screen TV that was visible to all of us.


We went around the room and introduced ourselves.  I went first but I did shut up and listened as the other sixteen people, who were of many nationalities, introduced themselves. Our host asked the last speaker to point to the next person to share. There were professional writers and editors who have been paid for their craft, an illustrator that was working on writing a children’s book. A few journalists who were seeking support in their novel-writing. A screenwriter was looking for support. Another lady  there was interested in blogging. Poets were there, lots of poets. Also a lady was working on a dialog for a one woman stage show. Even a college professor was in attendance. We all came from different walks of life with one common interest WRITING.
Our host shared a poem titled The Grave of a Peace Loving Man By: Hans Magnus Enzensberger. The poem was about chaos in search of peace, my take on the poem. All of us in the group discussed our Interpretation. We all shared our thoughts on what the writer may have felt, taking in consideration his age, the time period. It was enlightening and stroked each of our view points. It taught me how to dissect the poem, evaluate the writers’ thoughts and to look at the poem from different angles. Watch out fellow poet bloggers.


We discussed criticism. How it could be constructive. We’ve all have been critiqued by haters. Well I can’t speak for everyone but I have. You learn to recognize those who are being sincere in their analysis. Our host suggested we decide what we can use from the different evaluations.

Our host shared a video by Lupe Fiasco – American Terrorist P. 2  I have to check out part one and three. I’m sure many of you will enjoy the words in this video.


Eight of us shared some of our writing. There were very talented people there. I shared Moments Tick Away. I planned on sharing my Hidden Temptation blurb but decided not to, to find out why read about it here.



On the groups FaceBook page I learned that they met up at a bar and continued socializing. That must have been fun. Though I can’t drink alcohol right now, with the steroids and all, I could have had a soda and gotten to know my peers a little better. Maybe next time this would be in two weeks. I’m sad I missed the last two speakers in my rush to meet AAR. Next time I would definitely schedule AAR later.

All in all I had a really good time. It was nice to get out do something different and enjoyable.



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  1. I’m so glad that it turned out to be a good meeting. 🙂 You needed something like this, Kim. To get out there and show your stuff and to socialize. Good for you!

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