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lost inside a shell
sometimes call hell

gorging on a diet of bullshit
now I’m torn and sick

empty praises, false adornment
tricks of torment

right from the start
my blessings a bruise heart

gifts of endless pain
to drives me madly insane

hiding inside a shell
sometimes call hell

fuel by greed, it’s affection I need
constantly if you please

I gave the best of my life
and he took another wife

to her he did wed
me he took to bed

I don’t belong here, there or anywhere

disappearing inside a shell
sometimes call hell

I believe in her affection,
thinking my heart will have protection

like a man it’s the same
full of illusions and game

when she gets a call from Bacardi Le’mon
it’s me left alone

she lives her life and I live mine
never shall the two intertwine

consume inside a shell
sometimes call hell

loneliness won’t you leave
I want to breathe

ignorance is bliss
spawn three from my pussy lips

the children are grown
and want to be left alone

stroke my delicate ego
like a long ear beagle


I got a boo boo
oh! Boo who who

crack that shell
sometimes call hell

@Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria

This is an old poem it can be found in Whispers I silently Heard. I’m posting it for Gayle at Bodhirose. Gayle posted a poem of the same title check it out here.

13 thoughts on “OUCH!!!

  1. Definitely your kind of ouch is worse than mine, whoo! I’ve been in that hellish place in some ways too and thought I would never get my smile back. But I did. Good one, Kim!

      1. It’s hard to shake that emotional pain especially when it begins in childhood. It’s as crippling as some physical pain isn’t it. I’m sorry for you and me both, Kim. But I still see us as strong women who are persevering. Thanks for sharing this with me. xo

  2. I was caught by “gorging on a diet of bullshit,” and could not stop reading. Plus, the “Stroke my delicate ego like a long ear beagle” makes me miss my Bassett Hound who loved to be stroked with her soft fur. Nicely done for an all too common torment. Keith

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