A Hot Day in a Hot Room Talking Writing

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I went to the writing group I was so excited about two weeks ago. (Read about my first visit here.)  It was wonderful this week. The host was setting up a great opportunity for the next meeting I blogged about it on my other page Hidden Temptation. I really would love for you guys to go over and visit because I am excited.



During this meeting I shed a few tears when the Host played Purple Rain.  He wanted us to interpret what influenced the words purple rain, the song itself.  In the comments below tell me what you think Prince was talking about in this song.



We spoke about criticism. Constructive and destructive was the way one group member described it. My post yesterday was My Egotistic Mindfulness .  In this post I discuss a blog,  that felt when we, as poets write poems about depression we are not being mindful but egotistic.  Later he posted a poem that those of us, who wrote depressed poems were narcissistic.  I don’t know if this blogger reads my writing or not but I spoke out against his opinion.  In the meeting yesterday, our host shared a quote he got from a friend, teacher, or colleague, I don’t remember who. This person told to him that he had a “bond with negativity”. That’s me. So often I’ve been told I should write more happy poems. Love poems, eww!! I was even told I shouldn’t write poetry with such words. You know the words we all use them in our writings from time to time . . . well I know a few who don’t.  I also received some great feed back from you guys. You know me I’m going to do what I’m going to do but I am still concerned about what people thing of me. At 56 I shouldn’t give a damn . . . but I do.



My most sexually graphic poem Addiction  had 125 views.  The most I ever had.  40 people liked the post and I had 8 comments. Tell me sex doesn’t sell.  Anyway at the meeting I asked if they wanted to read a story on racism  Never Too Old To Learn. I suggested that because the guy I read after did a piece on language and how words have an undertone of racism depending on who said it. He has that same dream I have that we can eradicate racism. Well guess which one the group wanted to hear? Tell me in the comments I won’t give you a hint.



Now if you have a minute go check out my post on Hidden Temptation. I’m excited about the information I’m sharing there. Hope you do visit.


17 thoughts on “A Hot Day in a Hot Room Talking Writing

  1. One of these days I’ll have to look up the words to ‘Purple Rain’ – I probably heard it, but I listen to the Oldies Station or Jazz.
    Actually I like it quite when I write. So that issue I cannot address.

    But as to groups… I’m not sure how well I would do locally. I like the anonymity of the net. I enjoy the people I meet and so far that is enough.
    Continued success with your group and your writing – whatever makes your boat float. 🙂


    I diminish anything
    I fall into the error of evaluating
    With the tumbling from appreciation
    That inevitably entails

    So I suppose a job as a professional
    Is pretty much out of the question

  3. It’s hard to just write and not think what others are going to say or if we will face criticism but you are writing from your heart and that is important and for me what I like!

  4. Poetry comes from our hearts which ever way we write them.. I went through a period of dark poems.. it reflects our life and our hearts… Sending love .. Sorry not the time to visit Hidden Temptations today.. just caught your update here.. See you soon Kim.. and Big Hugs your way xxx ❤

      1. Kim, I want to add to my quick response. You write about real struggles, wants, failures and successes. I have read with interest about pain, love, lust, self-doubt, inspiration, etc. You poetry and prose live. Thanks, Keith

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