A Visit From the Brown Girls

Hi Word Press friends,


I would like to introduce you to another one of my oldest friends Carol Lloyd. Carol and I have been friends since the third grade when I was transferred to a new school. The school was small and we all were very close with each other. Daphne gave me a two cents pretzel during recess and Carol was the first one to talk to me. Her smile has never changed over the years always warm.



Carol’s father had an art gallery that I use to pass everyday on my way to and from school. I felt so much pride that my friend’s father had black art gallery in the 70’s.Believe me that was big.



Today Carol has her own art that she is promoting and I would love to share you. I’m sure her father would be so very proud of her creations.



Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed.



Kim – Do you remember we watched our first eclipse from your apartment on (was it 160th Street)?


Carol – Yes I remember, we used pieces a roll of film to protect our eyes. We sat in the window of our second floor apartment in 40 PJ’s (projects).
Kim – Where did you come up with the idea for Brown Girls?

Carol – l originally wanted to make a piece to display in my basement. I had plastic tubs full of construction paper; I wanted something I hadn’t seen before. I started drawing the human form, legs, arms, hips. It took 2 days before I was satisfied. I cut out cloths and I also had embellishments so I could add flare to the pieces. I completed two and my husband really liked what I had done. He said “you could sell these”. I made several more. Sold them and that’s how I created Brown Girls.

Kim – What kind of Brown Girls inspire you?

Carol – I’m inspired by black woman like you and me, women who are in charge of their own destiny, big and beautiful, from the color of an espresso coffee bean to the light caramel colored sister. She can have long hair, short hair, no hair. Women that represent “US” walking down the street with her head held high! The way a Black woman speaks her swag I could go on and on.
Kim –  I remember your father’s are was very afro-centric. Did you channel your father for inspiration?

Carol – My father even though he’s no longer here, inspires me with everything I do. He’s been embed in my head since I was a little girl how beautiful I was especially my skin tone and pumped me to always be confident to only settle for the best. Never allow anyone to treat you or tell you you’re worthless. We come from a strong people and we’re survivors. Art is an extension of life.



Kim –  Why don’t you draw faces on your BrownGirls?


Carol – I feel that drawing faces would take away from the beauty of us. I don’t want to put too much emphasis on facial features or hair. I want to celebrate our beautiful skin tones. Our bodies, our booties, hips ,thighs the things that are naturally in our DNA.

Kim – You had a show recently. How was Brown Girls received? Do you plan to have another show any time soon?



Carol – I was in my first pop up shop, Shopping Explosion on April 16th. It went well. The first piece I sold I cried. I have a Face book page called BrownGirls,  and my page Carol Lloyd I will get back to you. I’m new at this but I’m working on a website. I will be a vendor at Mrs. Jax Events in Massapequa on Aug.6th 
I’ll keep everyone posted.


©Carol Lloyd
©Carol Lloyd
©Carol Lloyd
©Carol Lloyd


Kim – Please do I’m so sorry I missed the April 16th event. Until your next event can we purchase your Brown Girls on-line? Will you share that information with us?



Carol – Until I have my website up and running please visit my Face Book page BrownGirls.



Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful creations with us.  Here are a few of Carol’s creations. Please visit her FB pages to see many more beautiful BrownGirls. Don’t forget mother’s day is coming up.

©Carol Llyod
©Carol Llyod

14 thoughts on “A Visit From the Brown Girls

  1. I like it very much. I’m wishing her great success. It must be nice to have a friend for so many years. Not something I know anything about and am always a bit envious of.

    1. I have quite a few friends I’ve known most of my life. I lived in the same community most of my life. I also reconnected with friends on FB. I hope Carol is successful too.

  2. May your dear friend Carol continue to have success with her wonderful art.
    I think there is something to be said for leaving faces off – gives us all the opportunity to use our imaginations.

    I had worked with polymer clay for a bit making unique pieces and home made beads. But it took more time and space than I had especially after my grandchildren arrived. So that’s on the back burner now. It is fun to create with hands whether with material or using them to type or write 😉

    And yes it is exciting when you sell your art and know that someone appreciates what you have created.

    I don’t buy anything online at the moment. But I also think Carol can take photos of her art and also make note or post cards. I do hope Carol takes a photo of every piece before she sells it just to keep a reminder of what she has accomplished! Way to go Carol!

    1. Thanks Jules. I know it nice when you sell something you made. I use to make cards for Valentines Day and mother’s day. Like you say it takes a lot of time. I rather work on my writing. I will remind Carol to keep pictures.

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