Knees Knocking

I did the poetry reading and I ended up reading The Alarm Clock is Ringing. I think I could have done a better job.  I needed to relax and slow down I plan to do more reading but I don’t know if I’ll have any more videos my daughter did this one.


The Alarm Clock is Ringing


it’s time to wake the fuck up

and stop making ghetto life rough

you think it’s cute baby girls twerking

now the pedophiles are out lurking

the mama’s and Papa’s aren’t aware

they’re out getting wasted somewhere

brought the get high from their son

who they don’t know carries a gun

hell is unleash by the evil beast

once call overseers now call the police

the guilty are free to walk the street

while the vocal ones get their ass beat

kids being slaughter doesn’t matter

just collateral damage in the line of fire

don’t ask questions just point and shoot

the ghetto is a central war zone, like Beirut

all this is useless, suffering and pain

the sorrow and anguish must be contain

for our future sake we must stay focus

forget buying Michael Kors and Rolex

they’re bobbles to keep us divided

but now is the time to get united

our minds need to be elevated

our kids need to be educated

death and the pale horse are entering our realm

we need the powerful and the strong at the helm

stop wandering through life deaf and blind

we have to save ourselves and mankind

take heed to my pleading advice

before we pay the ultimate price

after the vicious violence

death will haunt us in the silence


  I stayed at my daughter’s from Sunday to Wednesday sleeping on the couch with my ex on the other.  He sleeps during the day and is up all night.  Which of course made my nights a little restless.  I’ve fallen behind on reading blogs but I will catch up as fast as I can.  I slept most of the day yesterday but I still need more sleep.

26 thoughts on “Knees Knocking

  1. As Wallace said, I think it’s the rhythm that works so well here, that’s so vital to the ‘sound’ of a poem and you couldn’t have chosen better!

  2. A powerful reading of a powerful poem, and great to see you and hear your voice. Congratulations to your daughter on the video. I expect the reading will get easier with practice, though I’ve always found when speaking in public that some nerves make it better.

  3. Lovely to see you reading your poetry Kim.. Another raw subject but one so many are familiar with today..
    And please never worry about catching up.. You and I are in the same boat.. always in catch up mode.. But please PLEASE rest. when you get the chance to… ❤ Hugs my friend Sue xx

  4. Magnificent, Kim… Applause, applause, applause… I would have clapped my little hands off – you were brilliant..!
    Yes, do more; the stage and you speaking is where you belong. I loved your voice, and your passion. Well done to you.. 🙂

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