Here’s Silent Kim!!!!



I know I’ve been silent for some time.  To me it feels like forever.  I wrote a great essay on my tablet last Saturday after going to the NY Writer’s Club. But unfortunately I lost it. I read my synopsis to share what Hidden Temptation was about to get help with the blurb. Long story short everyone seem to want to critique the synopsis and not the blurb. I did receive a lot of help, a lot of things to think about as I prepare for the conference with Penguin Books I used the advice that I found helpful.


I am satisfied with Hidden Temptation.  I’m sure it’s not perfect, then what is?  If the editors at Penguin Books aren’t impressed or even interested a bit it’s okay. I will get to experience something I may  never have been able to otherwise.  I can still release Hidden Temptation with Create Space and Amazon.  A few people will read it and I’ll be able to work on book two without the stress of worrying about publishing Hidden Temptation. Marketing, well as most of you know that’s another journey.


On a personal note. It is Lupus Awareness Month I am extremely fatigue. One of the symptoms of lupus. I’m down to 2 mg of steroids every other day.  My pain is almost unbearable. I’m pushing myself to do what I want and need to do.  I’m trying to catch up with reading your blogs.  I will eventually but be patient with me.  I’m donating most of my time working on my synopsis and blurb to pitch to Penguin Books on June 3rd.



One thing I was doing was trying to tell the whole story in my synopsis. Odette is my protagonist and  the synopsis should focus around her, a wise educator told me. So I think I now have it. Check it out here and be sure to give me you brutal honesty and wise advice.  It helps and you guys know I need the help.

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  1. I was away from the computer myself Kim, and off line with pc problems.. So sending you LOADs of LOVE my friend and I hope you are feeling better since writing this post.. Love to you Sue ❤

  2. My fingers are tightly crossed for you re Penguin Books. They are a fabulous publisher with a longstanding good reputation for fair dealing with their authors. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. It seems so random what life deals up for each of us. All I know is that you’re one determined person, where others might have used such an illness as an excuse to give up.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Sarah. I think my determination keeps me going. With only five days until the conference I am ready to throw that towel in. I keep tweaking this synopsis and I still don’t think it’s good enough. I’m going to post the update on Hidden Temptation again and see if anyone will lend a few ideas. If Penguin Books isn’t interested I will release it on CreateSpace.

      1. See what Penguin Books say. Even when a traditional publishers turns down a book, any constructive feedback he or she gives can prove invaluable to an author. It might mean that with a bit of tweaking based on these suggestions, another publisher will rush to take on that book.

  3. Kim. You were missed. I think those who don’t understand Lupus really don’t get just HOW hard it can be. I think you are incredibly strong to go through it and still be so creative, so talented, so motivated. I admire you but for many reasons not just this. I admire the woman you are. I feel blessed to have met you here. Most of all I wish you renewed health and vigor as I know that is what you sorely need. Well done for pushing your work toward Penguin that is a lofty publisher and I do hope they consider your work and help get it out there for more to read. I wouldn’t even have the courage to approach a large publisher, and yet, it makes so much sense and is really smart of you to do that – I wish you only good things my friend – each and every day – you are in my prayers and heart. Your friend. C x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I’m trying get to get back in the groove of writing and reading. I’m completely off steroids and it is taking a toll. I am honored to have such beautiful words said about me from a master writer. I am going to that conference with positive thoughts. I am nervous but honestly what have I told lose? 7 days until the confrence.

      1. But well done for being completely off steroids as I know with Lupus that is NOT easy and makes the going tough, I really admire that decision as steroids can be brutal and really cause a whole bunch of other issues. Well done! I expect that it is hard going but despite this you continue to shine in so many ways that even people who do not experience a tenth of the suffering you have gone through, could not shine as brightly – be positive and believe in yourself as we do – and you will go with your head high and your heart full of the love we have for you xo You have nothing to lose.

  4. A meeting with Penguin Books ! Wow. I never got that far and your ability just to get a meeting impresses me. I did do createspace/amazon. A full color cartoon book is very expensive to set up and manufacture. Sold about 18 or so in three years. But that is a published effort and most people never even get that far. One suggestion is that you may care to write essays for mags about Lupus experience. The are many out there that cancer suffers and their families read for instance. I would do them as a series not just one essay. Pay ain’t much but that is a genuine published portfolio that give you credentials to try to interest book publishers about novels and such you are writing. The same even if they don’t pay anything.

    1. Thanks. There is a wide interest in lupus. The meeting is a conference that they offered the writing group I attend at a reduced rate. $99.00 the regular cost is 129.00. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I’miss excited and nervous. Even if they aren’t interested I will be able to remember I had this experience. I have to see if I purchased your book. I buy a lot of my fellow bloggers books. One day I will get to read them.

  5. May you have great success with your meeting with the book people.
    I’ve been out if it for the last couple of weeks dealing with ‘family’. Well on person in particular…

    I’m not good at critiques. I like to read a variety of things.
    But I haven’t been reading much other than comments and other blogs.
    And a bunch of children’s books 😉

    Little Miss takes up quite a bit of time too. I’ll be getting my summer off and just maybe organizing some of my own writing. While I might be interested in getting published from a ‘house’ I’m not into the publicity that is needed. I want to at this point remain out of the lime light.

    May you continue to have fun writing when you can. Be well!

    1. Sorry you’re facing a few challenges in your life right now. Hope they clear up soon. Enjoy your little miss. It seems my grandchildren became teenagers over night. 😢 They are happy to see me then go on their own way.Enjoy your summer off.

      I don’t know if I can handle public attention but a lucrative income will be it’s own reward. The cost of my medication is excessive.

      With my health my time is limited too. I really want my lupus to go in remission.

  6. Kim, you have been missed. I started to post a “how are you?” on a past reply. I hope things work out with Penguin. Thanks for making us more aware of Lupus. Take care, Keith

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