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I believe in a higher power. I don’t know what this mystical beings name is God, Jehovah, Buddha, Elohim, Allah or any of the attributes used to reference this power. I believe in Jesus, Muhammad and Elijah the prophets sent to enlighten the people. I don’t believe if you believe in one you will perish for not believing in the other.

I don’t believe for one to walk with your head high among the righteous they must be able to quote the scriptures from any one of the bible interpretation or from the Torah or Quran. I don’t think the goodness of a person is judge by the faith he can justify but by his behavior.

Yes we all have our differences, we show care for those we care for. That is easy but can you show care for one you think of as your enemy one who doesn’t believe in the same God? One who doesn’t cover their head or eats the flesh of animals you believe is unclean? Can you show care to one whose skin color is different from yours or speaks with a tongue you don’t understand?

Do you prescribe to the principal of an eye for an eye? Because that’s what your God’s teaches.

Jesus born a Jew in the Middle East walked miles in the desert performing acts of kindness to the most unsavory kind. He wanted nothing in return. He didn’t pass a plate for tithes for His Father. He didn’t reject the theft, the prostitute or the lame. He fed the hungry and welcomed all in his fold. What a wonderful man. That he was called a king actually king of the Jews.

The governor, the King, the law makers were unhappy, afraid this self-proclaimed king, spreading love and kindness, feeding the hungry and healing the lame must be stopped. So Jesus was beaten unmercifully, abused and tortured for loving fellow human beings. Then he was executed before his followers to incite fear.

For 2000 years this same tactic has been used from slavery, to justify war and in policing civilians. This vicious and brutal behavior is used against other human beings. To promote fear above love and compassion.

Greed and inhumanity is the sword that keeps the meek quietly accepting the teachings of a God that taught love unconditional. Then turns a two face and use the name of God to abuse and kill.

I believe in loving my fellow human beings. I believe in appreciating what surrounds me, the sun rising, the birds singing, trees blooming, laughter, and the sun setting at the end of each day. Yes the shining moon, twinkling stars, rain, snow all of what nature gives, give me hope.

I can’t quote the scriptures, I don’t attend a church. Every word I utter is a prayer for a world of harmony. My thoughts for healing, happiness and comfort are my prayers for my family and friends. My every action, behavior I perform is my scripture.

My temple, my church is in my heart. I fellowship with each person I communicate with. I passionately bear arms against injustice and those who are mischief makers.

I believe in spreading love, compassion and happiness but unlike an ostrich I refuse to keep my head stuck in the sand as the mayhem in the world explodes around me.

I try not to promote negativity but it exists. Hiding behind rainbows won’t  make the rain stop. I face evil head on and reveal it so that those with goodness can see who the enemy is and take up arms with me to eliminate or at least decrease its hold on humanity.

Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/30/16


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16 thoughts on “Higher Power

  1. A very powerful pronouncement, Kimmy. I do believe in Jesus and in my father the Lord above all. I also believe in humanness, kindness to fellow human being, generosity, peace, and the basic need to live in harmony with all irrespective of race or creed. I believe too that evil exits beyond the human understanding. And only my belief in Christ sustains me up to now. Amen. Shalom, Kimmy. 🙂

    1. My thing is if we show each other love and compassion and all pursue peace and happiness our individual beliefs are irrelevant. It’s action over words. Your behavior speaks volumes of your righteousness.

  2. I too believe that there is a higher force, something much more powerful than mankind. Some will use science to explain creation and the existence of mankind but I believe there is a God and that He lives in the hearts of those who beliece in Him.

  3. Amen! Well writting and on target. Lovely. This month’s issue of the Zine is themed “Caritas, Chesid, Metta” and this would fit well. If it’s okay to include you and your work in this issue, Kim, please email the link to me with a updated bio to bardogroup@gmail.com Thank you! xo

  4. yeah we are a daughter and a son of our mother and our father
    it felt good
    as it should
    mine had an odd way tho
    of showin it
    greed is an anti
    i need your prayers
    your smile
    and your short attentions
    to my prose
    in fact
    i do indeed love you!

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