Temptation Speaks

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The enemy is fueled by greed and power. The righteous call this hubris creature the devil, Satan, Diablo and other names he has answered to over the centuries.

It is so easy to fall victim to the enemy’s sparkling and glittering temptation. I went down that path and I think many have. We all lusted for what wasn’t good for us at one time or another. The diabetic will nibble on a piece of candy, a slice of cake or a bowl of ice cream. Just like the obese who desperately needs to shave off the weight to live. The alcoholic whose liver is rotting in their body shakes until their next drink. We are tempted to harm ourselves for the illusion of a temporary moment of joy.

Our will power is weakened by the sadness that creeps into our lives.  We make mistakes, wrong choices but that doesn’t make us a bad person. It makes us human. It’s easy to fall victim to temptation even when we know better. That’s why there’s tomorrow another day to try to resist temptations. I know tomorrow isn’t promised but we have the moment we’re living in and in that moment we can forgive ourselves. That’s all we need even if everyone around us believes we’re a failure. Even when everyone lacks confidence in us, it’s okay because we have confidence in ourselves. Even if we fail in the next moment or day we can try again.

Sometimes our burdens are so heavy we need help. The enemy gave us foolish pride thinking we can carry the rock of Gibraltar on our back alone. We refuse, even reject help yet seeking help doesn’t make us weak but actually wise to know that some things we can’t do alone. It may choke, it may make us gag but we have to swallow our pride some times and wash it down with faith.

It doesn’t make us less of a person to admit we can’t do it alone. Hope is my strength and I look toward it when I feel vulnerable. When I would rather give up then fight another day. I look inside myself and find that strength that’s always hiding deep inside me. You can call it faith, or God or whatever gives you the will and strength to call on the reserve that fuels your hope.

Life is wonderful when we don’t have to face the bumpy roads alone. To have someone or something to lean on will help us get to the other side. For me it’s hope. For you it’s whatever makes you strong. Find it embrace it and move forward. If you look back look back with pride that you made it through and you are stronger today because of what you survived yesterday.

Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/30/16

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14 thoughts on “Temptation Speaks

  1. Moving post, thank you. No one can do it alone. That’s one of the reasons we’re here, in this big, wonderful blogosphere of like-minded people. It’s therapeutic reading and sharing stories.

  2. Good Morning, Kim & Everyone. thank you for this.

    My sentiments, EXACTLY, very timely.

    I’m am supporting a dear friend right now who is going through aggressive chemo/radiation RX. What a process!

    1. That’s what doctor one wanted to do. But it was too small to biopsy. They can’t do radiation until cancer is confirmed. Dr. one wanted to wait until it grew some more. Second opinion said no lets get it out. So sorry for your friend but I hope she heals quickly.

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