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When a family heirloom cracks you need something stronger than Elmer’s Glue, more powerful than Crazy Glue, and more heavy-duty than Gorilla Glue. Is there such a thing as understanding and forgiveness glue? I wonder.
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. It is so easy to climb on your high horse and ride away and leave your past in the dust. Forgetting those who paid their dues and done for you. When you start climbing that ladder of success you’ll get there faster if you step on and over those who were there when you were struggling. Only then will you become a sad, lonely and lost narcissistic soul. The rest of us have to learn to let go no matter how much it hurts.
WORDS FROM a DEPRESSED HEART— sometime the fight gets so hard you want to give up; it feels like it’s too much to handle, too stressful especially when there’s nothing left to fight for.
Sometimes you hold on too tight and the rope breaks and you lose what you were trying to hold on to anyway.
Sometimes you’re not good enough, so you have to stop trying to measure up and be freed from the illusion of perfection in this imperfect life.
When you walk through the house of mirrors the reflections you see are distorted you can see a thin you, a long you, a fat you, a short you. To see the real you, you have to see the reflection inside you and view it honestly. Heavy is the crown on the wearer who thinks he has all the answers and wiser than the rest. Remember the emperor’s new clothes. They revealed the naked truth.
Behind trees, under rocks, around corners, above buildings . . . I been looking, looking, looking for the “me” I lost some time ago. I’m going to walk into the sun rise until I follow the sun set. I’ll reach for the moon and call the ocean waves to follow me as I walk across the hot desert. Then I will be me the “me” I use to be and the “me” I always wanted to be. Then maybe I can stop screaming inside and release my light and shine. Just writing away some of my feelings of depression.
Sometimes a smile is just a smile. Other times it’s a hidden growl. See what’s there and – be aware. –


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 9/12/16


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15 thoughts on “Pass the Glue

  1. Familial Glue. I like that. Sometimes it is so easy to let go… At least I am sort of talking to one sib, but the other still ignores me.
    I guess some relationships were meant to be just holiday card exchanges…that eventually fade. The only thing one can do is to live with the choices they make.
    Now if we could get some of that Familial Glue… for those we lost, the only problem is sometimes they don’t want to be found.

  2. my folks
    were cash and carry
    son and daughter
    of immigrants
    from the austrian italian
    me i got wounded
    and she did too much for me
    but i got book smarts
    but as to street cred
    keep choogilin
    my friend!

  3. Sometimes a smile hides the growl – powerful!! Good question and post, I think if someone invents forgiveness glue, they’d be sold out! Serious side, though, it starts with us, forgiveness, I mean. You are wise to take the time to work it out. I discovered that the me I thought was lost long ago had morphed into a better version, one who just needed to be acknowledged for all the growth pain offered and wisdom laughter provided. I think you’ll see you, she’s there, peeking out in those enlightened words.
    namaste my friend.

    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I have learned to use the forgiveness glue to help repair my relationshipson with my daughters. Mothers and daughter is a relationship that so delicate and easily to Crack. My mother died without be getting to know her. I want my girls to know me before I pass on. I want them to enjoy my company so I can enjoy my grandchildren.

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