Who Said They’re Not Racist

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Why do some white people get offended when black people try to up lift each other? Do the few that say they aren’t racist believe racism doesn’t exist because they aren’t racist and they have black friends and black people in their family? Why do white people get offended when black people share pictures, videos, and current events that show’s racism? Why do white people get offended by the black lives Matter movement? Why do white people get upset that black people don’t salute the Stars Spangle Banner that was written in 1814? Don’t they know blacks were not included as the free in those words but mentioned in the 3rd stanza where Mr. Keys wrote ‘no refuge could save the hireling and slave’? No refuge, the police and court have the open range to shot and convict black people who have no refuge.

If black people were truly free I wouldn’t be asking these questions and white people who say they aren’t racist wouldn’t be uncomfortable when black people point out disparity in the justice system between blacks and white when enforcing laws. But then if there was no racism there wouldn’t pictures of disparity.

When we try to uplift the mentality of other blacks some white people take offense. We want the world to know our lives matter today because they didn’t matter when our ancestors  were slaves, when we were living through Jim Crow and segregation.

Do white people really believe that when we elected a black president racism would be erased and that it didn’t still exist? Why do they believe the racism they are witnessing is new? There was a quote circulating from Wil Smith that concluded there isn’t more racism it’s just being filmed more. Racism never went away. We are in the information age and see and hear it more. Do white people really believe racism escalated with our black president? Black people have been harassed, stopped and frisked since the emancipation. The innocent have been manipulated to confess to crimes they didn’t commit. How else could a inexperience racist, narcissistic, lying, selfish buffoon climb up the political ladder and have a chance to become president if racism didn’t exist. Could it be that he planted the seed that the first black president screwed up this country and made it not great and added fuel to the hate they already had festering. Or is he betting on the American people being so blinded by hate that they can’t hear his hate.

They talk about the end of times I hear that and I don’t because the end of time has been predicted for several dates that came and gone. But this time I think we are damn close.

I think the gates of hell have opened and the pale horse has emerging with death on his back and his name is Trump, with his sadistic hubris plans to make America great without a plan. Twenty years ago he said if he was to run for president he would run as a Republican because they are a stupid bunch of people and from where I sit that seems like the most truthful think he has said. They apparently are too stupid to know they are stupid. I tried to find it on YouTube but it has been removed. Surprising a lot of videos that were circulating with Trump saying these ignorance things have been removed!

This man lies every time he opens his mouth and calls Hillary the liar. He starts a Hillary for prison campaign when he’s the one with numerous lawsuits pending. He said there was no racism before Obama became president. Really? What about slavery, oh that was  just business? Segregation? Trump is running his campaign on fear and racism. In fact he’s the spawn of two Klu, klux, Klan members. He promised a wall and he built a wall of ignorance around the mind of his supporters.

It would be nice if we all take each other’s hands and sing we shall overcome. It would be nice if people could see the negativity and flaws others see, but unfortunately some people are blind to hate or refuse to see it. Maybe if we pull off the veil and expose the ugliness maybe those blind to it will see it for what it is. Some will realize hate and racism do exist.

There was once a saying if it doesn’t apply let it fly. If exposing the negativity that does exist makes you uncomfortable, good you are part of the solution. I will continue to point out the injustice, the uncomfortable hate until we all live in a world where hate is controlled and not as wide-spread. I do believe there are more good and compassionate people in the world than not. I want to reach those who aren’t. I will not be silent if disparity, racism, and hate makes some people uncomfortable because we won’t be above racism until it doesn’t make us uncomfortable and pushes us to eliminate it. Don’t vote for hate vote for a hope.
Mysteriously many of the videos of Trump preaching his hate mnongering has been removed from YouTube. But that doesn’t Ean it didn’t exsist.

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34 thoughts on “Who Said They’re Not Racist

  1. I believe it is okay to believe in your heritage, background or religion as long as you share openly, as you have here. It is divisive to think anyone is better than anyone else.

    I have hope, was raised with hope, and helped raise my grown children with hope and peace.
    The Black Lives Matter founders had peace in mind. There are people in all areas and of varied backgrounds who act out in militant and scary ways.
    Even Malcolm X was not for rioting and pillaging stores nor stealing shopkeeper’s hard earned products. I hope that the ministers and pacifists can overcome and create a better picture of the B L M movement.
    As Malcolm X:
    “I am not a racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every form of discrimination.
    I believe in human beings and that all human beings, should be respected as such, regardless of their color.”

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting. You’re right we should all respect each other and learn to get along. We need dialogue where we listen to each other and not get defensive. Change begins with one person. You speak of Malcom being non-violent the black painters were too. They carried guns in an attempt to protect the people in the community from police brutality. PBS has a very informative documentary. I grew up in the 60’s but I didn’t understand what was going on I was a young child and sheltered.

  2. I am not political. Yes hate exists. I am human. There are many shades of disparity among all people.
    I read that even the peace loving Amish will ‘shun’ their own kind if that person doesn’t follow the strict outdated (at least to most modern peoples) tenets that they hold dear.

    Why is it that any minority, (Yes, I am a minority too) when they attempt to speak are laughed at behind their backs?
    Generalizations do not sit well with me. I have and do volunteer to help all people.
    I want to hold every hand. Color people ‘human’ then maybe prejudice will cease.

    As for the building that will hold the next leader of the United States – Just because a ‘person’ is elected does not mean they do have all the power.
    We must be and remain diligent to make sure that ALL people are heard and respected.

    1. This election has exposed so much ugliness that should have disappeared years ago. I am working on a post for election day in which I speak about the winner and losers of the election and it’s other the candidates. 😉

      1. I can’t wait for the end of the political stumping by snail mail and by phone.

        I’ve had political stumpers disguising where there number is coming from – other personal people who may have had the number (using the persons name in the ID), spoofed from doctors offices and churches too!

        Most calls with just City and State or just State in the ID are bogus. And this month about 2/3rds are political.

  3. I like how you said this. I remember where I grew up, in a small Ohio town and I started dating a girl from another small town. I was completely in love with her but my surroundings wasn’t going to let this happen. First, my x-best friend at the time said “you’re going with a nigger?”and she was close enough to hear it. Next my car was spray painted with “nigger lover”. I have a hatred for where I grew up. I never went back after doing everything I could to get away from there. Jamie and me split apart knowing society wouldn’t let us live in peace. I miss her and often wonder what our lives would have been like if we could have been left alone. I can’t think in racial terms. I see color, I see races, but I don’t see any difference. I just can’t think like that.

  4. Important truth written here my friend. I can only say this in response as I think you covered a hard topic very well.
    My mother is technically black she was born in Egypt in Africa, and I was born in France. I look (very) anglo, I have the kind of horrible white skin that shuns the sun. Sometimes we skip generations, we resemble grandparents, we do not look like our mother’s or father’s and what of those albino-type blacks who are not considered true blacks and not considered true whites? I have many friends who look black but are only as black as I am or less so. I have many friends who look white but have more black in them than others who look black. Obama is half-white. I think the more we try to label and categorize the more we lose ourselves. The point being, there is a history of racism in the USA and world-wide. It began when Africans sold slaves among themselves, then were encouraged to sell their people to anglo slavers, later on the anglo slavers didn’t ask. Everyone is at fault. Then the anglo slavers took the black slaves and reduced them to not even worthy of being called a human being, just as they did in NZ and Australia and many other places. It isn’t just white or black people it’s everyone, it’s our shared genes and our shared history. BUT if you have a black face you experience life DIFFERENTLY than if you have a white face that much I can atest to. There are benefits to being black and there are disadvantages. There are racist white people and there are racist black people. I don’t think it will change I would like to think it would but I don’t think it will. We seem as human beings to need to put one group down, the biggest discrimination isn’t even color it’s gender, women are put down by men and other women and they are 51 percent of the world. Will it ever change? I would like to think so but I don’t think so. I would like to believe racism would be eliminated from both sides, and I understand black people’s racism but I don’t condone it and I don’t understand white people’s racism and I don’t condone it. Too much hate. I stupidly wish everyone just loved everyone else. You can’t win either. If you are black you are too light-skinned, or too-dark-skinned and if you are white you are too pale, so whatever, we’re stupid and we need to change, and we need to stop thriving on hate, because hate ruins us all. I think you’re so right, blacks are racist to themselves just as whites can be guilt ridden to be anti-racist but it’s like in a really self-conscious way, just like women can hate other women and turn being a woman into a living hell.

    1. Wow there is a lot to respond to. My oldest daughter has black features and hair. But her skin I’d pale, she doesn’t tan but she’s not albino. This may be another post. My dad family was Spain, my last name Floria can be Italian. I did meet my father’s family growing get up because my sister and I weren’t accepted because my mother was black, from Charleston, SC. She had Indian in her blood so she had a cinnamon completion and straight curly hair. My brother, his kids and my sisters kids has a blood disorder that comes from Greeks. We all are mixed with all nationalities. My grandmother told me there was no racism in Charleston, SC. I believed her and thought Charleston wasn’t part of the racist south. I know better and I think that was my grandmother’s way of trying to eliminate racism st thoughts from me. I grew up in the 70’s and was pro black and militant. I don’t know if it was because of my father not being in our life growing up. I realize my mother disn’the like her skin color.

      For me growing up dark skin girls didn’t Ike me. I was light skin, I had what they called “good hair” and delicate features, nice legs, nice size tits, only my ass was flat. I hate myself because girls were jealous of me and the boys all wanted me. It was hard finding who I was.

      When I became a woman I realize I’m like everyone else and how I looked wasn’t a curse it was everyone else’s problem they were the one jealous. I don’t condone racism either. I too would like us all come together and find peace. But everyone is fucked up. Jealousy, greed and self loathing are the major culprits. We all want and need the same things food, clothing, a roofew over our heads, sex, children and love. The problem is we want what the other one has. And no one wants to understand each other and it’s easier to tear one down then build each other up. I would love us all to learn how to see each other for who we are and not because of how we look.

      You’re right racism is more than black and white, racism is between rich vs poor, those who have more then othersome . And the biggie is nationalities. This racism makes it for us all tip toeing on egg sheels. The biggest is black vs white and the hardest to cure.

      1. You always hit the nail on the head my friend. I agree. People want what others have. I don’t about things like power and money but I grew up hating my white skin so I do understand how shame and feeling inadequate can twist things and people you are so right. I can also see how you were beautiful as a kid because you still are, and sometimes beauty is a double edged sword and can be a negative and hard thing to live with as it can be a blessing. Racism has a lot to do with income, if you have money you are immune to a lot of it but that doesn’t mean people don’t go home and in private say it, because we both know they do. The worst is when someone thinks I’m white and is racist to me or someone knows my mom was from africa and is racist to white, I just don’t tolerate it from either side, but I recognize that if you have a black face and you go into a room you feel different and are treated different, sometimes better, often worse. I think of the time Obama was elected, sitting there in a giant room every single person white, I felt for him, he was so alone. Until there is more balance nothing changes. I did admire those who said racism is bigger than what it comes across as in the sound bites, because it’s more than simply black and white. You are so right, and I’m so glad you wrote about this because i’ts so important to speak the truth.

          1. True. I think it’s hard to handle the truth. I have often asked for the truth and then wished I didn’t hear the response BUT in the long-run I had less regret, and the short-term was mostly disappointment and ego, whereas a lie only taints the honesty of our existence, I see no benefit in a lie aside the most extreme like when someone is dying and you wish to bring them comfort, but ultimately I’d far rather have truth even then.

              1. I understand that with a pending surgery it’s hard to talk about anything (maybe that’s when we should) maybe she’s just too young to handle it, I can understand that. When is your date? I want to know so I can think of you that day and wish you so much good fortune and recovery and send you my love and thoughts.

  5. Yes of course there is racism. And not simply involving Black people either. Add Asians, Arabs, Mexicans, etc etc ad nauseam. (Literally.) Just as there is sexism. When I read that Clinton and Trump are running neck and neck (not that I am convinced that what is rammed into my e-mail in box is to be trusted … ) I despair. Or maybe it’s that too many people watch too much corrupt TV and listen to too much corrupt radio “news”. I have spent my life trying to overcome and minimise racism and sexism in my own sphere of influence and avoiding brainwashing. How odd that so much effort and money is put into washing brains in such dirty water. Not so odd that it is generally (if not always) “white” who people can believe that racism no longer exists. With love.

    1. Yes they say it all over the news that Hillary is only leading by a few votes. The last report said she’s inching ahead. Just a few days left and we’ll know who will be president. I just wonder if Trump loses his rape case who will take the seat.

      It’s not only white people who say their’s no racism. People don’t see it so they think racism doesn’t exist. I know blacks aren’t the only victim of racism. But we are the only ones that are racist again to ourselves. A topic for another day.

  6. Kim, this is well done. There is so much context and history that is often left off debate. Take Trump for example, his history is one of exploitation of others which he does through bullying, lawsuits and threatened lawsuits. He and his father were sued in the 1970s by the federal government for racial discrimination in his housing. He felt they were unfair, so he sued the government back, but his case was thrown out. There was at least one more suit on similar issues in in Ohio. As his five biographers have said what you are seeing in Trump on the campaign trail is not an act, this is who he is. Plus, they all say don’t vote for him.

    As for your broader issue, when I hear people respond to the Black Lives Matter, with All Lives Matter, the answer is of course they do. But, the purveyor of this retort misses the point. Black lives have been disenfranchised as a group for a very long time. Yes, it is better, but we still have a ways to go. I was listening again last night to Bruce Springsteen’s “41 Shots” where a man was shot 41 times and was pulling out his wallet. As a White man, I can pretty much go anywhere I want, yet a Black when stopped has to move very slowly, as the thought that “this might be the last thing I do” goes through his mind.

    There are many things that disqualify Mr. Trump as a candidate, but a thing we should guard against is the number of White Supremacist groups that have crawled out of the woodwork is scary. This man is promoting violence and that the system is rigged against him – of course, he has had more free press than anyone, is reading from hacked emails from his opponent, has a concerted effort to suppress Black votes and his party has had five state Voter Suppression laws ruled unconstitutional this year, but their compliance now has Jim Crow-like efforts.

    Clinton is far from perfect, but she is much better than the caricature made of her brick by brick and there is a clear light of day between her and her competitor.

    Sorry for the soapbox. Great post, Keith

    1. No it’s oodles to hear your point of view. Yes that all lives matter response is so hard for some people over comprehened. Someone said how come no one screams all cancer matters when we celebrate Breast Cancer month. But you understand.

      I am so tired as I’very been saying. This election is so ugly and I can’t wait until it comes and gone. I hope the results are good and I hope the fallout after isn’t too bad.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    2. Thanks, Kim. Since I ran long, I left off one historical item. Relevant to the not standing during the national anthem, we should remember Tommie Smith and John Carlos being vilified for their Black power salute at the 1968 Olympics on the medal stand during the playing of the national anthem. Two points are important. First, many Black athletes boycotted the Olympics after the assassinations of MLK and RFK and the George Wallace rhetoric, which sound similar to a certain candidate today. They represented their country and won the gold and bronze, yet felt it was important to protest the need for human rights. Second, the Aussie athlete who won the Silver was asked by them and he supported the human rights protest wearing the badge they wore. He was vilified in Australia. The crime – standing up for human rights for all. This last sentence speak to why we cannot let a certain candidate win, as his history goes against the human rights for all. Keith

  7. Nothing like saying how things are, Kim. Bravo! Of course racism exists. It’s sad but it’s always been there. In many forms. Just ask a Native American. The world today is a scary place. I’m glad you pointed it out. Blacks uplifting blacks is a good thing. People uplifting people no matter what color they are is a good thing. Anyone who says racism doesn’t exist is living a lie. Or pretending to be ostriches.

  8. A family member recently said to me that racism doesn’t exist anymore. I was in shock. Obviously it still exists. Thank you for the genuine post here as it is absolutely needed to raise awareness of the issue.

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