Is It Over Yet?

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It’s Sunday November 6th day light savings time. We get an extra hour and here I am at 5:13am writing a piece to post on November 8th Election day.


Today Sunday, I’m going to see my daughter to take Pampers for the new baby, the blanket and sweaters I made. I know she won’t like the sweaters, there will be something wrong with them. But it’s okay I tried. (Updated she said they were cute. Pat on my back.)


My children don’t value me and it’s okay. If I don’t survive this surgery they may become interested in the words I’ve written and get to know me through them. The only sad thing is I won’t be there to experience it. I know it’s called a generation gap.


However I am so very grateful for all my on-line friends who have shown me love through your kind words. You guys have lifted me up at times when I was low in dark places that I didn’t think I would rise and see the light again.


The following are my pre-scheduled thoughts on the election.
Today I will cast my vote for the candidate I believe will do less harm. I think it was you Keith who pointed that out. If it wasn’t you I’m sorry I forgot who said it. Not that you aren’t memorable but that my memory is slipping away. You can tell us who said it in the comments. I like saying that instead of the lesser of two evils.


I hope my candidate wins and I know those who want the other hopes the same. Either way this evil election will be over. Or will it? During this election some ugly things have been revealed. Some of us realized just how racist America still really is. Some of us have learned how ignorant some of our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors are. We learned that some of our acquaintances rather ignore the fear and hate that balances love and keep quiet or speak of love as injustice rains acid down around us. As if love is the umbrella that will shield us. It may be the force that saves us but love won’t put food on the table or a roof over that table.


In any case we are faced with a new president no matter who wins they will be cloaked in scandal. They are the winners both of them because they shook up the American people. One promises to take care of us and the other to make our Great America great again.


Who ever wins we can count on the little folks who depend on pay check to pay check, on social security, pensions and welfare are the ones who really lose. Those who spent the most money to secure the win, won. The corporations will get the tax breaks. The drug companies will charge death rates for their life saving drugs, wars will escalate and the FDA will ignore the GMO’S in our food as well as the pesticides and steroids. What will we the blind masses voting for the one to do less harm get? Low wages, incarceration, hunger, nakedness and a box to sleep in under a bridge. Children that will get a less than adequate education.


It might not be too late to come together and clean our neighborhoods. We can work to make our city council and assembly hear us and work for us. Our vote might not have much power at the top-level but it does in our community. You see something wrong go to your elected official and make him/her change it. Let’s show that our vote counts.


Now that the election is almost over let’s come together and rise above the ugliness we experienced these past months. For those who pray and have faith practice what your religion teaches practice love between your fellow humans share and tons of hugs.

For those who meditate let’s plug into the collective consciousness and send a charge into the universe to make it right.

Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/6/16


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18 thoughts on “Is It Over Yet?

  1. This whole resurgence of racism has made me so grateful that we live where we do, in what has been called the most diverse county in the nation. We live with – and close to! – people who don’t always look like us. And you know what we call them? Friends and neighbors.

    I’m sorry about your kids.But the sweaters & hats are beautiful. Such a thoughtful gift, this is the perfect time of year for them!

  2. america has always been bigoted kim
    race, creed, color
    this election
    i agree most distasteful
    my kids dont like me either
    i hope you survive
    cos i need and love you!

  3. I hope the election result is swift, with no further fighting too, excellent article. What happens in the US affects the whole world. By the way, those jumpers are fantastic 🙂 Etsy calling….!

    1. Thanks. Yes I know our embarrassing election will affect the whole world. I voted and thankfully it was crowded. I went after the crowd that vote before work and before the lunch crowd started coming. Usually at that time it’s empty.

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