I Weep

Eyes of sorrow by Emily yne on DeviantArt
Eyes of sorrow by Evilyn on DeviantArt


First my surgery was postponed pending clearance from my cardiologist. I knew I need his clearance but the surgeon didn’t mention it, though he said he did. I hope to be able to reschedule for next week. I’ll be asking my sister and her husband to take me this time.


My girlfriend stressed me out first when the guy who we scheduled to pick us up was late. I got crazy and was ready to call another car service. She didn’t say anything but she was annoyed. She didn’t want to help with carrying my C-Pap machine or my oxygen tank. So I carried a little suitcase with wheels. After I took off my clothes I put my stuff in the suitcase to make it easy for her but she complained and why it can’t go under the bed. So I just asked the nurse to put it somewhere. She continued to complain when we were on the way home she was annoyed that I wasted her money. Right now I’m an emotional wreck. I really could use a hug.


On top of that I was full of anxiety learning that Trump is the president-elect. My nerves are jumping and my temper is short. I fear the future but there is nothing I or anyone else could do. My temper is really short and I don’t want to be around anyone. So I am kind of glad I didn’t have the surgery today. My physical stats were good but mentally I’m not doing that great.


I am shocked and disappointed in the American people for choosing such a bastard to head our country. I am disappointed in the people who had rather not vote. I’m disappointed in the people who threw their vote away on Jill and John. I am disappointed in those who choose to write in someone else like Bernie Sanders. Well to all those folks I hope you have the decency to keep your mouth shut during the next four years of the promised making America great “again”.


I am already hoping he gets impeached and I heard John Hinckley Jr. is free.


I am in a daze, and full of worry about the fate of the American people and our country. I really can’t believe what we have done.


Please pardon me, I’m going to have a good cry. God help us.


My pre-scheduled post will continue tomorrow. I’ll up date when it’s rescheduled.

30 thoughts on “I Weep

  1. You know how I feel about your personal situation. As for the more general situation: you write several things here that are exactly what I have been thinking. You are one of the Americans I don’t despair of. But between the school-based propaganda and the radio/TV propaganda I guess I shouldn’t blame them too much as individuals. Once again I find myself being so glad I didn’t make any new people.

    1. I have enough. The racism is out in the open sadly it’s the children feeling that pain. Trump and Obama met and their civility was hopefully. All I can do is be calm and watch and hope for the best.

      1. Yes. I’ve read something similar on a couple of other sites. Ireland, New Delhi, New York, England: people are coming to the same conclusion once the disbelief, despair and anger.

  2. We all have to live with our choices. Sometimes though others have better explanations for emotional trauma.
    Having added health issues and someone who isn’t supportive when ‘helping’ us… only adds to our grief.
    As Carl says: “A president offers proposals and may have an agenda but the congress pretty much decides what will or will not happen.”

    We as a people have survived many different personalities in the presidency. Who ever thought Ronald Reagan an actor would be president?
    I think things are worse now just because we can hear about them instantaneously. One of the reasons I refuse to have a ‘smart phone’ or get hooked up to ‘Facebook’.

    Hugs, and be well.

  3. good luck with that surgery
    a vote for jill was not a throw away
    we need a strong viable third party alternative
    they wanted me to c pap too
    and do the sleep study for apnea
    i said fuck that an dfuck you
    i live on my terms
    or not at all
    love you kim!

  4. I completely agree with you, to all of those wonderful american citizens who chose to waste a voice/vote I am very disappointed in you. I hope everything goes well with your procedure and I am sending you a virtual hug….lol….I was blessed with perfectly fluffy arms for giving the best hugs in the world.

  5. Don’t get too upset if you don’t like Trump or any new or incumbent president. A president offers proposals and may have an agenda but the congress pretty much decides what will or will not happen.

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