Hate Don’t Live Here

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Hate cannot be the flame that burns untamed and out of control from lands near to far. Just a spark   ignited this kindling that was ignored until it gathered into a raging bonfire. The smoke blew to the four corners of the universe choking humanity. With a cloud of soot blinding the direction to where hope hides in plain sight.


Hate cannot be more powerful than the love that often sprinkles droplets of peace. That infects a garden of breathtaking beauty that once grew wild. With unyielding vines, winding and twisting its way up and around a forest of barren and dying trees breathing  a spectrum of soft pastels and Crayola’s blooming petals


Dark clouds would gather and erupt into a storm causing loud crashes and a bang summing up sparks of electrical lights flashes willing those ominous dark clouds to open and drop buckets of rain water on this love thirsty earth. The whipping winds push the bully off course.


As the flowers and grass survive and bear fruit and vegetables in a variety of delectable flavors that sprays a rainbow promise across the sky and the ugly of the ugliness is forgiven on a new day.


Hope is the change. Change is possible to be the example of better.


I can’t forget the threats, the lies or the flames of intimidation and fear that fueled the hate. But I must if I want my heart free of lasting and permanent effects.


I don’t have to conform, I must step above and release the residue of hate left behind and paint hope along the perfect picket fence in front of the home of peace inside my heart.


Forgiveness doesn’t mean to forget but to let go and move on for my peace of mind. Mistakes are made, change grows and forgiveness builds a new.


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/1016


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11 thoughts on “Hate Don’t Live Here

  1. Agree, Kim. Doesn’t mean hiding our heads in the sand and being without knowledge of the negatives, but having knowledge/understanding yet without allowing the destructive nature to affect us. After all, there’s enough negatives without adding to it/them. Rather be calm and without fear, than to become a part of energies that cripple.

  2. hate is like
    love four letters
    and a power
    not always bad or negative
    like your kids and mine
    he s a jerk
    but i love him
    but i wont
    give him
    any further
    mulligans nor creedences!

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