Google Image I choose this image because America is torn today.
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I choose this image because America is torn today.


I read that a substitute teacher said some really ugly things to a student. I won’t go into the particulars because I didn’t fact check the story. Whether that incident is true or not there are others that are. Racist acts are happening throughout the country. Trump supporters are performing hate crimes without fear of prosecution because during Trump’s campaign he told his supporters he would pay their bail.

On ABC news, this morning, when Trump was asked about the rise in hate crimes he looks at the camera and says, “If you’re doing it, stop it.” Come on! Is that all he has to say regarding the mayhem plaguing this country?

During his campaign he set the tone with his “Make America Great”, talks of mass deportation, building a wall and saying the black communities are dangerous. Just as we call for Trump to speak to the American people, his supporters ask why the current president isn’t speaking against the hate crimes. Think about it these are hate crimes against non-whites. Are these people going to listen to the administration they voted against? Are those performing these hate crimes going to listen to the sitting non-white president? No that job is up to the new president-elect. As I already stated he set the tone.

It is Trump’s job to quell the fear the protesters are protesting against and the behavior of those performing the hate crimes. It is Trump’s responsibility to bring this country back together.  He was the one who created the divide with his vicious and derogatory campaign. Trump needs to have a press conference to address the volatile air of the United States. I even think it will have more of an impact if he, Clinton and Obama stand together and show a united front that America can disagree passionately then come together.

This election was ugly and painful. We all need healing and we need our fears to be addressed. I know the protesters don’t want to give up hope and those who support Trump want to make America great again and bring back a time when racism was the norm. But we live in the real world and what’s done is done and let us get back to the world pre-November 8th, 2016.

Thanks to Trump for not taking a salary, but how about you pay your taxes?

I really don’t want to write any more about this ugliness, I really don’t but the wound won’t heal and the band-aid keeps getting ripped off.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/14/16

Over 200 Incidents of Hateful Harassment and Intimidation Since Election Day



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17 thoughts on “Re-Set

  1. I just read an article about a politician who made an unkind remark about Michelle Obama. And apologized saying nothing was meant by it… really then why say any unkind thing to begin with. Too much social media can be a bad thing, but also good. That politician ended up (maybe because of a petition, maybe not) resigning their post. The town cutting losses by saying they aren’t like that official.

    Maybe words do not cause a physical bruise, but they sure do cause mental anguish.

    As an aside I read somewhere that while the President is ‘salaried’ – But ‘they’ do have to pay for meals and food. I wonder what kind of a budget they get for things like changing the carpeting or ordering new china patterns for dishes. I can see wanting to move some things from home with you, maybe changing the wall color in the private residence. But don’t we pay enough for the presidential family and their protection, transportation etc.

    If the newly elected official is only going to take $1 per year as salary, how is he going to pay for his other needs…oh, wait he’s got funds to burn doesn’t he.
    To pay for protecting criminals. How about using some of that money to pay for our vets, and housing and food for those who have none? It will be an interesting four years. Hopefully the people will have a loud say in what transpires.

    1. Yea I heard the remark about Michelle Obama. I think we are just seeing the beginning. If they get an allowance for upkeep of the White house that’s fine. Bloomberg our former mayor did take a salary nor did his daughter but he lived in Gracey Manor the mayor residence. You’re right the salary should go back into the country.

  2. “Thanks to Trump for not taking a salary, but how about you pay your taxes?”
    But he’s SPECIAL, it’s good BUSINESS!
    Honestly, why would a tax evader who became president-elect care what we think? He will get away with whatever he can get away with. We thinking people do have to keep a close eye on his actions.

  3. I do not see how anyone with much of their intellect in working order call America “great” when so much racism continues to exist. But then after all this so-called “great” nation was founded on slavery and genocide from the get-go,

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