Stress Free Days

My surgery has been rescheduled for November 21, 2006. I need to sooth the stress in my life so I’m going to stay away from social media  until after. Trump and all the noise that is following him and his appointments and plans is nerve wrecking.

Therefore I won’t be reading the newspaper or watching the news. I know life will go on without me. I’ll catch up after surgery. For now I’m going to overdose on the Hallmark channel and it’s Christmas movies.


53 thoughts on “Stress Free Days

  1. I kind of wish that the Hallmark Channel would alternate the holiday shows with murder mysteries. But a sappy story with a happy ending is always nice too.
    Hope you are recuperating. It’s been a tad hectic and just general slowness here. So I’m just now catching up on visits.

    Be well. Cheers, Jules

  2. I can understand the need for the Hallmark channel…I’ve been enjoying total an isolation as I could achieve…best wishes for your upcoming surgery.

  3. I will keep good thoughts for you this day of surgery. You do what I do. No news and lots and lots of Hallmark movies. No Thanksgiving stress this year either. Just my daughter and I having a simple, quiet meal and binging on Hallmark movies. I eliminate anything that stresses. Keep up the good work. You can happy your way to healing.

  4. You have had such a tough time, dear Kim – yet you always seem to shine through, You are in the thoughts of so many – if that helps. See ylou soon. 🙂

  5. I’m sorry to read you are unwell, and I believe, with Lupus. Good luck with your surgery, at any rate. I neglect those I ‘follow’ really badly, but try and catch up … Sorry. I just re-read some of your recent writings. This struck me: “The rule is if you don’t know the ghetto stay out of it.” I empathise entirely, really. I’d add that ghettos don’t always look like ghettos. They are less likely to be the domain of the poor than that of the educated middle-classes. But I want to cheer you up! I don’t know anything about pins, but I’ll wear one all day tomorrow for you. I hope it will help, to know there’s a strange woman over here in England, wearing a safety pin for solidarity and healing. Blessings. Ann

      1. Oh, dear, poor you. Every best wish for you in this. Inadequate, I know. I will pray (again) for you. Hope this does not offend, but prayer was followed up with a miracle when my husband fell ill with a brain tumour in 2007. Without a doubt. I pray for a miracle for you, too. Ann

  6. I can’t blame you. I dislike it when they postpone surgery though and I’m sorry they did because it just prolongs things BUT if they are going to do a good job of surgery that’s what matters most. I hope you will update me if you can via email because I worry and I care but if you don’t feel up to it I understand, friendship should never be a burden just know I care and I think of you and pray for your health and recovery daily in my own way. Most of all know that lots of people love you and think of you and you are never, ever out of the minds of many who carry you in their thoughts and prayers. I can see why you would stay away from the madness that is social media as I often feel the same way especially when stressed. I’m here if you need anything just know that K.

      1. My friend you will ALWAYS have my support and friendship. Not a word about ‘that subject’ either (zips mouth shut) could not agree more! xoxo

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