Who You Blaming? It’s Someone’s fault

Google Image from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Google Image from The Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Someone is to blame and we are going to figure it out. Mark Zuckerberg how could you allow  all those fake, unchecked news reels on Facebook.  You really should have monitored better. CNN and FOX news you didn’t fact check you just reported news that would boost ratings. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times even the NY Daily Newspaper were once trusted, reliable  and newsworthy.  It seems that everyone is competing for ratings and money. Those mention aren’t the only lie spreaders.

Disgusting as the media was in assisted the outcome of this election some of the blame goes to  the candidates themselves. Hillary tried to stay on script by sharing her ideas but she was not innocent in the mud pie fight. She call Trump out his name. She felt so confident she was going to win she didn’t campaign hard enough in the swing states. Well that’s what the folks in the those areas said. They also said she doesn’t come around unless it’s election time.

I have to give it to Hillary she held her own during the debates and didn’t buckle or feed into Trump’s negative remarks.

Donald Trump swayed this election in his favor. He was and I guess still is a loud mouth bully like Ralph Kramden on the Honeymooners.  He never told us what exactly he was going to do only that it would be great, the best you ever seen, no one could do it better. All narcissistic rants that seem to put his  supporters in a trans. He lied to the American people about Barack Obama’s  statistics, he would say one thing today and another tomorrow then lies and says he didn’t say it. The media would have him on tape denying what he said on tape. His flock believed everything he said, as if they were the pod people from the movie The Bodies Snatchers.

The funny thing is when you ask people why they supported Trump they said Clinton was a liar, they could never vote for a liar. If that wasn’t the reason  they felt she didn’t do anything for thirty years. Some of the people said they didn’t like the things Trump said but they can’t vote for Clinton because she was corrupt.

I voted  for Clinton but because I believed she would do less harm.  I refused to vote for Trump because of the things that came out his mouth, not because of what was written in print.  He was the pathological liar in that campaign. He’s racist, misogynist and just nasty disrespecting the disabled, was veterans and he know nothing about politics. I know more than he does and that ain’t saying much.

I wanted Saunders. A lot of people wanted him but they didn’t vote for him. They didn’t think he was strong enough to beat Trump and run this country. Well how you like Saunders now? His supporters supported him until November 8th those are the missing voters who protested and didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump. If they did vote they gave their vote to Jill Stein or did a write-in. Now they are complaining about the results. Wanting to wear pins, back paddle and wished they voted.

The bottom line we all created this outcome. We supported this election by posting, sharing and spreading rumors. Well the deed is done and Donald Trump will be our honorable 😝president. There is no one but the American people to blame.

As a side note we need to do away with the electoral vote it obviously doesn’t speak for the people.

Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 11/16/11


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  1. Well said. A man who sold himself as the champion of the working people has spent an entire career exploiting the same kind of people through bullying, suing, threatening lawsuits, stiffing and lying. That may be the biggest lie of all.

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