I Need A Little Help

I know I’ve been MIA.  I’ve started visiting blogs and hope to get back to being a regular soon.  I’m recovering from not only my surgery but from the presidential election.  No comments on either subject.

I am about to release a new book but I am having difficulty decided on the cover please help me. You can click on the photo for a better view.  Please answer on the poll to make it easier for me too tally. Thank you.

PS I know A needs to be centered.



rdardb       rdc


If you have any other suggestion feel free to make them in the comments.


28 thoughts on “I Need A Little Help

  1. I’m glad you’re back Kim. I voted for C. The B is also nice but the graphic is light not that dark. C Reveals Darkness as what the book says.

    The cover can also be in black and white theme with more of revealing darker background with the title Revealing Darkness in shades of white and gray emphasizing light in the midst of darkness.

    Overall, the book cover is already beautiful in its own way.

  2. Wonderful to see you, Kim; sounds like you are very busy and creative once again. Your book looks a saucy and titillating read indeed.
    I prefer B and C… Hard to choose between them really… Go with your gut! 🙂

    1. Thanks Richard. I like B too. I read book one and the writing is riveting. I like the originality of the story too. I will make a formal review on Amazon soon then I will get to book two. I have a very long to do list these days and feel a little over whelmed.

  3. As far as the covers (well done! well done!) out of the three you have I would choose the second (b) because the type is more centered. The others are too wide-set I think the second works because it’s more harmonious with the picture (which is great) and the third I felt the type dominated rather than was clear, whereas the second I felt was clearer, neater, and allowed you to appreciate the image. That’s my ten cents my friend. You were missed. I am so glad you are back.

  4. Seeing your beautiful face back here. Thank you for surviving and coming back to us. I send you every healing prayer and blessing I can summon Kim. You were missed. You are ALWAYS missed. I pray that your surgery went as well as any surgery can. I wrote you a few times but didn’t hear back and did not want to bug you but you were in my heart and mind.

    1. Yes surgery went well. I received your get well card, Christmas and the post card you sent. I sent you a Christmas card. I hope you received it. I like B too only the ne in darkness is no clear.

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