All Things Are Possible

Last week I learned that a woman I use to work with, who was like mother was going into hospice. The following were the words I wrote for her and read to her at her bed side. She was weak but when awake she was alert.

All things are possible
I know the road before you is long and hard
it would be so easy to lay down your load
breath in the tranquility of everlasting rest
as you climb the ladder to your promised reward
I know the challenges you face
wrestling with the peace calling you
and the comfort of love ones pulling you
you have done your time it is your choice
if you take this path to glory
take the gift of love from those who care
lean on their strengthen to find your way
you are in my heart
I care more than the words express
selfishly I want you to stay
there wasn’t enough time
to do the many things, there are to do
to share the words silently kept
my life was enriched by you
you are a part of my soul
and forever I will keep your spirit close

Love you Ms. Rita Reid
Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria

Don’t mean to be a pain but I did my cover over again. The choice this time is sharper red or sharper black.  Please use the poll easier for me to count.  Thank for your help.  Promise this is the last time.


26 thoughts on “All Things Are Possible

  1. May your friend find peace….

    I like the read. I can’t imagine even beginning to print something of mine in any other book form than a report binder.
    I have a ways to go… One of these days…maybe 🙂 Best to you with this project.

    1. Thanks Jules. Having my writing in print had been a liar long dream. With my unpredictable fu ture I’m trying you prent several books. It would be nice to make money but just holding the book in my hand is satisfying.

      1. I’ve gotten a few thank you’s from folks I’ve made my ‘booklets’ for…and yes it is very satisfying.
        I think though there are few professional poets able to sustain a living as defined by paying ones bills. 🙂
        Always, all the best.

  2. the story
    is live
    pain is our companion
    more and more as we age
    we become sage
    we know
    to fight for things
    but fewer times
    our time seems to speed by!
    remember bella cancer in her ear
    and joan cancer of the throat
    love you just too much!

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