Revealing Darkness in the Shadow of Light

The paperback edition of
Revealing Darkness
in the Shadow of Light
is available for $6.99 at
To request autograph copies email me at
Electronic edition won’t be available until 4/15/17

20 thoughts on “Revealing Darkness in the Shadow of Light

          1. I wish. Then I wouldn’t be f….ing up so often. 😳

            Thanks you for your kind words nonetheless.

            Often think of you and your manifold difficulties.

  1. This looks good Kim… Well done again.. Phew.. you would not know the trouble I had getting here.. as your site would not come up when I clicked your logo.. I kept getting a warning sign instead saying your domain didnt exist.. I even asked Ben how to get back to you as your posts are not showing up eithere.. So what I am going to do is unfollow you and refollow you again and hope that irons out the glitches.. I even emailed you and left you a message on your Blogger site.. πŸ™‚ haha.. Glad to be here again. xxx

  2. Love the final print, Kim, especially the image of you; very cool indeed.
    I’m looking at your ‘Pages of Pain’ here on my desk. I think it will need company! πŸ™‚

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