fluttering through the hollow  chambers of my mind ghost of days gone past rattle the chains of my memories  treasuring the thoughts of a melancholy poet, absorbed is  the guilt and pain buried in a grave of forgiveness to recognize the blessings and the silence self-awakening freeing the taste and scent of escalating harmony  … Read More Ghost

A New Garden

  surrender your pride submit to peace to humanity exhibit nobility plow away mortal greed eliminate hate before it suffocates sow seeds of change tend to with nature’s elixir the light of life cultivating world faith blossoming fruits of peace rich buds of love perfecting a garden of hope flourishing and accepting life’s’ blessings ©Kimberly… Read More A New Garden

Hope Rising

    gently blowing every tongue, every lip, every ear a magical Calliphony birthing hypnotic beauty traveling through infinity no arms holding back no fist blocking no shots randomly dodging no screams to quiet, no tears to dry no blood has spilled, no violence to fear in a second, in a minute in an hour,… Read More Hope Rising